Lipton The Travelling Tea Cup Party

I must admit, I always thought that tea is boring. tea is something I drink when I don't feel well, or whenever I feel the need to digest after a heavy meal. However, good thing there are milk tea shops out there that gave that certain "tea twist," I sometimes want to satisfy my milk tea craving at my own home.
That's why I was really glad that I was invited to an event that changed my perception on tea. Last Saturday, Lipton took us to 5 different places through different tea concoctions. I was able to go to Paris, New York, Boracay, China and Mexico through different flavors.
These 5 different places represent 5 wonderful flavors. We were made to taste each concoctions featuring distinct flavors from every country. As my tastebuds travel through different places, I was able to learn that Lipton tea is not just an ordinary tea, but something that is fun and exciting to drink. Let me share with you how each flavor gave me a wonderful experience.
The event was hosted with RX Radio Dj Delamar. As we were oriented and toured to different destinations / tea flavors, parlor games were being held in between to make the event more enjoyable.
We first went to Paris. We were given a Lipton Tea mixed with chocolate and almond. It was like love on first sip as the drink is on the chocolate/ nutty flavor. It suddenly became my favorite.
Tastes like salabat. It was my first impression when I drank this tea concoction inspired from China. It tasted like ginger with milk and is perfect for those who love that 'asian" taste.
Of course, Lipton did not miss the hottest toursit destination in the Philippines -- which is Boracay. I was a bit curious as to how this drink would taste but I was surprised to sip a tea with a nice melon flavor. It is a perfect drink for that summer stroll.
If I fell in love with the drink mix of Paris, my heart was torn when I tasted the Salted chocolate flavor of New York. This made me decide to actually switch my morning coffee drink into this as this concoction gives me the nice chocolate flavor with the kick of caffeine from tea. I must say that this would have to be my favorite.
For those who would like their drink to be a bit more exciting, Lipton gave us that thrilling milk tea experience as they offered a Spanish inspired Chili chocolate milk tea. I was a bit hesitant at first but when you paired it with churros, it was indeed a perfect combination.
The different milk tea recipes! You can easily mix it in just 4 minutes!
Food were served along with the teas. We were served with macaroons, polvoron, bochi, churroz and a lot more.
With Kelly, Nich (thanks for the invite) and Arnie, who were there with me during the event. Gosh I missed them so much!
After the event, I got the chance to roam around the area and see the themed table setting. Each table has nice centerpieces that represent each places -- Paris, New York, China, Boracay, and Spain (where we are seated). I love the event styling actually!
There were also design my tea cup area at the place and of course, sumptuous food were served.
All in all, the event was fun! I never imagined myself enjoying in a tea party (with a twist) but I actually did! But it was more fun because I was with great people (that I missed a lot) such as Arnie, Kelly and Niche (who took this photo)


And ending this entry with this cute photo of Arnie and myself. (Parang magkaage lang! lol)
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Franc Ramon said…
I think I need to drink more tea than coffee. I would like to try out all these flavors.
MissApriil said…
I've never been a fan of Lipton teas (I prefer other brands) but I must say, napaka quirky ng launching party nila! I'm interested to try the salted chocolate milk tea.
animetric said…
This post makes me want to try out those tea recipes at home. :)

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