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Hello guys! How's your midweek so far? I'm actually squeezing blogging in the middle of work cause I super miss updating this. I've been assigned in a new territorry and it has been quite a struggle for me to manage my time with work. I used to enjoy having a flexi-time kind of work for the past years, but since I was assigned on a new area, a lot of things has changed -- the environment, the work schedule -- a lot has changed. I even added extra hours for working out so I only have a few hours left for some personal time.

Anyways, before I go on and dwell on how busy my work has been, let me share with you an outfit I wore more than a couple of weeks back. The fiance and I went to Citrus Bar at Ortigas and since I feel a little lazy to dress up, I just put on this sequined top along with my thrifted military boots  to have that effortless, stylish look.
Top: From an Outlet Store
Leggings: Palengke
Accessories: Divisoria
Boots: Thrifted
Oh look how cute the owl is!

 I always try to mix and match statement outfits when I feel lazy and get surprised that my combination somehow works. I hope you like this post as I need to cut this short and get back to work. Oh, did you notice that the outfits I'm wearing in this post are either thrifted / bought in Divisoria / palengke? I don't know why I am so fond and proud of cheap / affordable items. Are you like this as well when it comes to shopping your clothes? Your comments will be much appreciated :D

Much Love
The Bargain Doll


Danielle Lizan Zambrano said…
When I buy my own clothes its always where its Cheap. I'm not working so I still don't have enough money to buy clothes like the ones my parents afford to give me. So when I shop its always from cheap stores or from Online Shops that give in stuff less than 300 pesos.

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