Finally, Summer!

Hi guys! Finally back after spending a good weekend at Subic. I went there along with Paolo's friends (and former workmates) to unwind without overspending. I'm glad that Paolo brought me to this trip as I have been complaining to him that we haven't been (that much) to the beach since the start of summer. Well, Paolo and I have been on "save mode" lately and this was one tipid vacation. 
Anyways, let's talk about the outfit. Remember the 3 day sale at SM San Lazaro a couple of weeks back? This bikini from Sunkissed was one of my purchases! I remember seeing this on the rack with the label: all items at 299 so I hurriedly and purchased one. It was definitely a steal! 
Bikini Top: Sunkissed, SM San Lazaro Dept. Store
Another funny side story: Would you believe that I got this pair of sunnies from Select? Yes, Select, the convinience store of Shell. So we were having our stopover brunch at Shell NLEX when I went to Select to buy some snacks. I saw the rack of sunnies (that costs P299), and because I wanted to look funky, decided to buy this cute frames. It was worth every penny, right?
Sunnies: Bought From Select (Shell)
And I never thought that pairing my bikini with a skater skirt would make my look feel so retro! I'm so happy that my Cinta Manila skirt gave this summer look a dainty, vintage feel.
Aaand, let me end this summer post with this:

I was granted (by the fiance) the permission to post this as both of us are working so hard to be fit for our wedding. It was actually Paolo's idea that we shape up because (1) we only get married once and we should look perfect on the day and (2) we have to look attractive (for each other) on our honeymoon.
Sounds valid, right?

Anyways, have to go to work now :D Til next post!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Nikka Gagui said…
Awwyyy. You and Papa Pao really look good together *u*
Kim Nieves said…
Both of you are looking gorgeous! Your body motivates me to work out more!
Kath Rivera said…
Good Job to both of you :) Lapit na yan sis :) I saw your Instagram photos and I know it's really hard to achieve the figure we always want. But I know you'll make it before your wedding day! Now, you gave me the idea of the bikini top+ skater skirt! Nice shades too :)
Hazel said…
love the photos, so sexxaaay! :)
Daquio Janine said…
sexy! btw, i know that select you are talking about, i was about to buy some sunnies too yet i chose to buy food more. hehe.
Rhea Bue said…
OMG!! SO SEXXXYYY Babe!!! :D I like your bikiniiii!!!! :) nakuu.. this excites me with my bora trip soon-ish! yay!!! <3 <3 <3
Emmerey Sarona said…
very sexy and cute :)
Franc Ramon said…
Wow, you're well toned for Summer. At least, your hardwork paid off when it comes to having a nice body.
Danica Bee said…
so chic

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Danica Stark
jackie said…
Retro chic. I love your sunnies.
Your both fit . Best wishes to your wedding.
ISHNA said…
Both of you look like you are in a good shape. So cute that youve been doing everything together to stay fit and healthy. Love you beach look. :)

Sam Lanuza said…
I like your inspiration. haha I am both of you will look fab on your wedding day! Love the prints on your swim wear!
Eunice said…
Your swimwear is such a steal for P299! Congrats as well for attaining your goal to be fit for your wedding! I seldom hear about-to-be-married couples working out before their Big Day so this is indeed a milestone. :)
oh holy S! I want your sunnies so bad!!! Our select store doesnt have one! :(
gorgeous! and hey goodluck to your alindog program! :D
Channie ♥ said…
Ang cute nyo! :D Good thing the fiance is very supportive! :)
Samantha Justine Zamora said…
I loooove your shades!!!! :P
☆ Lhyzie ♥ said…
Ang cute ng swimwear mo sis :)
The sunnies and your swimwear, perfect combo. You and your fiance look really cute together. :)
Srsly? Select? I want those sunnies!!!!!!!! :)

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