Floral Edge

Do you always feel that pressure to dress up whenever there's PFW in SMX? Well I absolutely feel that everytime I need to be at the PFW. However, that weekend I was running out of ideas to wear so I simply decided, why don't I just combine floral leather? It will definitely be an odd combination but it would not fail getting some attention.
So I decided to wear this off shoulder chiffon top from Paradise Treats and pair it with this faux leather skirt from Forever 21 (that I bought supposedly for my Korea trip but wasn't able to use cause it was too small to fit me before)  and instead of ending it with an expected pair of boots, I wore this eye catching Shoe Etiquette pair and top it with Il Fiore wreath.
It was nice pairing up edgy and girly pieces together and putting up a look that's rather refreshing than tough. I would definitely wear more of this style as I enjoy softening up edgy styles with my usual favorite girly items.
Outfit Recap:
Top: Paradise Treats | Shoes: Shoe Etiquette
Wreath: Il Fiore | Skirt: Forever 21 | Bag: SM Parisian


Despite my wanting to tell you more about my outfit and how my weekend went, I'd keep this short as we have an early meeting tomorrow. Good night guys!

Much Love
The Bargain Doll

Photos by: Paolo Peralta


Kim Nieves said…
The combination of leather and floral went well!

P.S. You're looking good girl =)
venussmileygal said…
I really love this outfit of yours.. :)
Mrs. Kolca said…
I love the necklace and the skirt. Aww.. I missed the PhFW this time! :/
Rhea Bue said…
OMGGGGG!!!! Ang ganda mo babbbeee!!! bagay sayo yung wreath!!! <3 Thank you! :D
Sumi Go said…
Love your outfit sis! The chiffon top and leather skirt look so soft yet edgy, and I love your wreath! It added talaga a girly touch :D Love love love this!
조이 Czjai said…
You look ethereal in this ensemble, Rovie! Ethereal with a bit of spunk, hehe. :)
Bella Morcen said…
Let's go to Divi soon :)
Looks adorable dear!! love the floral headband and the shoes looks amazing!! ikaw n tlg!
Rhia Halili said…
you're so lovely! :)
MyEverydayStruggles said…
You remind of 90's actress Nanette Medved. Pretty!
Marinella said…
It's not really odd if you ask me. It fits perfect. :)


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