Humbled & Honored: My Very First Blogging Talk

I never thought that there will come a time that I'll be tapped to give a talk about blogging. Thank you so much to Viva Gonzales for inviting me to give a talk to Kalookan scholars as they wanted to increase social media awareness to these group of students. 
SK Chairman Dominic Echiverri heading the talk to his constituents. I am greatly impressed with their aim teaching these students to be more social media savvy despite the very young age.
The talk was held at Max's Quezon City Circle, at around lunch time. I was really anxious that morning as it was my first time to give a talk in front of a crowd of people. It was a humbling experience for me as I don't consider myself a professional, nor I don't have that much credentials, but was considered for this event. I shared to them how I started on blogging, tips and how blogging has helped me.
I started two years ago, with the aim of showcasing my personal style with a budget. I was fond of thrift shopping and was proud to share it to my friends and other people online. It was a rough start for me, as it took me MONTHS to finally attract readers and probably a year before I finally invited to events. Patience and Hardwork -- it was my ultimate advice. Also, I also shared to them to offer something different, to be able to stand out.
Blogging has opened me to a lot of different opportunities -- I was able to meet new people, attend different events, product sponsorships and most importantly, blogging was able to help me improve my personal style and gain more confidence
All in all, it was a wonderful experience. I was hopeful that these students learned from my talk and was inspired to start a blog to be able to help and teach the public. Again, my warmest appreciation to the team of SK Chairman Dominic Echiverri and Viva Gonzales for inviting me to give this talk. 
Hi Viva! I enjoyed our nice chika!
With Kalookan SK Chairman, Dominic Echiverri

Of course with my Poging Alalay, (PA) who was in full support that day! Thank you Paolo for going with me and taking my photos

Anyways, I took a break from our business review to update this blog. Should you have comments, I'd be happy to hear them.

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Carizza Chua said…
great job rovie! see you soon!
Rekhilesh Adiyeri said…
that's nice, can i get a video of your blogging seminar.I would like to know more from you .:)
carl valenzona said…
I love reading blogs about fashion without spending too much money. Dahil sa inyo mga budget fashion blogger gumawa din ako
Sam Lanuza said…
It's nice that you share your knowledge to those scholars. :)
denise said…
congrats sis! and suot mo again the necklace! :)
jenaspacio said…
Nice one, Rovie! I'm sure you have provided these young people great tips on blogging. :)
So proud of you!! :) I'm sure those kids learned a lot! ♥
Franc Ramon said…
I'm sure your a very convincing speaker with all your achievement as a blogger.

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