Review: Ever Bilena Matte in Magenta & Advance Concealer

resized_DSC_1425hello loves! Its been a while since I last posted a make-up review here in my blog, so here I go again, featuring probably my most used, affordable drugstore brand -- Ever Bilena. Since I apply makeup to work everyday, I prefer to use brands that are affordable. Yung tipong hindi nakakahinayang maubos agad, and Ever Bilena's Matte lipsticks are one of them. When I was killing time at Watsons over a month ago, the saleslady told me that EB released new lipstick colors, and Magenta was one of them. Since it only costs around P150, I bought it without hesitation.resized_DSC_1424 
Without Flash
With Flash

It almost has the similar shade of Ever Bilena's Off Beat Pink (see related post here) but this one has a darker shade. It is more on the pink / salmon shade while Off Beat is more on the lighter tone. However, despite the affordable price, it tends to make my lips chapped because of its matte finish. Therefore, lip balm must be applied before putting on this lipstick to avoid getting chapped lips.

Here's my final look:
With Flash
Without flash

Aside from the matte lipstick, I also used Ever Bilena Advance Concealer (In Beige) for my dark circles. This is also a good buy for it only costs P150 and is actually effective to hide my (almost everyday) haggard look.resized_DSC_1420
Swatch without Flash
Swatch with Flash
My haggard look without make up
After applying the Advance Concealer
I was quite impressed on how EB was able to cover my dark circles. It has medium to heavy coverage, however doesn't blend well with the skin tone. Enough application is recommended to avoid looking like a japanese doll.

All in all, I give the HD concealer a 3.5/5 grade for it definitely has value for money. However, I give the Magenta Matte lipstick a 2.5/5 because it makes my lips very chappy. But because I love the color, I will continue using it with the lip balm.

If you're curious what other products I used, I used EB colorless mascara (because I go to the gym almost everyday, I try to avoid getting that smudge make-up under my eyes), Revlon Photoready as my foundation and Maybelline Cheeky blush.
See how I have been overusing my make-up!
Anyways, ending my post here! I'm a little tired cause I came from attending Zumba and Body Jam at 360 earlier. Hope you liked my little review / kwento!

Much Love
The Bargain Doll


Kate said…
That concealer is really nice! I love the magenta on you too, but it's too bright for me! I liked your page on Facebook so I'm following along!

(I am currently hosting a giveaway for a great print.)
Sumi Go said…
The concealer's really nice ah! :) Will check it when I visit Watson's soon. The lipstick on the other hand has a really nice shade, but I usually avoid mattes as they tend to dry out the lips >.< PS: Love your make-up for work principle! Ako din, I buy inexpensive cosmetics 'pag for regular wear. Kakahinayang to spend more than 1k tapos weeks lang ubos na agad XD
michymichymoo said…
I love the colorless mascara! I use it too! :) I like the share of the lipstick too! ;)
Franc Ramon said…
The lipstick does highlight your pretty lips and the concealer is just the right amount.
Claire said…
oh wow the EB concealer looks really good on the skin, I want to try it :D
조이 Czjai said…
I have the same gripe about EB's concealer. Great coverage, but the shades are a bit off for light/fair skin. Lipstick looks great on you, though! :)
Helen Blas said…
Ang galing nung concealer! :D And bagay sayo yung lippie! I wish I could pull off that pink shade, parang di bagay sakin. :p
Rochelle Rivera said…
Hi! I am having a monthly
giveaway. I hope you will find time and like to follow and join.

Thank you!
Much love,
Ayzee Casimiro said…
Their concealer has a distinct scent, right? Or maybe its just my picky nose. LOL. I used this when I was in college. Love the coverage, but the scent could do some improving.

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