Thank you, Mary Jane :D

I never thought that you can actually meet people on line and be friends with them without actually seeing them in person. This is the case of my social media friend, Mary Jane Tauyan - Fitzimmons, a fashion / travel blogger all the way from Malaysia. We met through comment exchange, and we have been visiting each other's blog for many months now. Simple generic comments turned into casual conversations and yes, I can probably that we developed an online friendship. This was proven when I received a parcel all the way from Malaysia as a belated birthday gift. It was flattering to discover the items inside the parcel - this very nice chiffon dress along with earrings, a bracelet and a keychain. It was probably one of the greatest gift I've ever received for my birthday (better late than never) :D

Necklace: MOGAO
I never thought I could pull off a royal blue and orange color combination but it surprisingly looked well put together. I'm so glad that the shoes is strikingly beautiful that it completed my whole look. 
Bangles: NY & Co
Shoes: MAGS
The dress is bringing sexy back!
Wearing Shawill Lipstick in Pink. Yes its a drugsotore barnd and I will be posting a review soon!
Of course the man behind the photo, Paolo Peralta
Again, many thanks Mary Jane of Fashion Travels for the gift. I really appreciate it :)

PS: This photo was taken HOURS before my salon appointment at Leo Pascual. He really did transformed my hair, right? :)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Bella Morcen said…
See you tomorrow! Love Paolo's pic! :))
MrsMartinez said…
The colors suit you! <3 the shoes ; )

Paolo P said…
I just realized you were wearing new york knicks colors.. :)
Franc Ramon said…
Wow, Jane is just so sweet. Blue is my favorite color and looks good on you.
Lovelee said…
Daring color choices for a daring person! The shoes are fierce! Kudos to you! =)
EM said…
love the dress! :))
Kero said…
Belated Happy Birthday to you, Rovie! That royal blue color suits you perfectly! Yes Mary Jane is indeed one of the most generous, thoughtful person you'll meet online. I just adore her =)
so love the last photo dear! sexy legs and sexy back combined!! totally diggin' your shoes! it looks so cool and lovely! belated happy bday dear!! thank you so much again for this! hihi =D
aw thanks @4f19c95736a4bfa33ae1b435811727d4 =) you guys are too sweet! such nice persons! Happy to know more and hoping to see all of you in person! =)
thanks @twitter-44335003 =)
Rhia Halili said…
the colors goes well and you're so adorable. :)

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