Why Accessorizing is Important

Last Saturday, (basically after my blogging talk) went to a friend's wedding which was held at the UST church. If you would look closely, you'd see the groom (who is Ron, my friend) holding a pile of balloons for their post-nup shoot. Paolo intentionally did this cause he wanted to capture the moment. 

Decided to wear this cute Creme Dela Femme for the wedding. Honestly, attending weddings put a little pressure on me when it comes to deciding what to wear. It is always so hard for me to choose the proper dress to wear, color and so on. Good thing this dress is in neutral tone -- which was perfect cause it goes well in any wedding motif.
However, I initially thought that the dress would look too casual for a wedding. Good thing, Paolo had to go to the SM Store to buy a barong -- which gave me time to actually go around and buy some accessories that will somehow make my look a little formal.
So I went to the Accessories section in the department store and got myself some accessories that will instantly glam up my simple look. Here are the things that I bought:
Earrings from SM Accessories
Studded Belt
Clutch from SM Parisian
I'm glad I was able to at least make my simple look a little formal with the help of those accessories! It was my worry to look a little casual for the wedding but those pieces definitely made my look a little more cocktail-ish.
Also love the front details of the dress! (Got this from Creme Dela Femme for less than P500!!)
Got this (super comfortable) wedges from Parisian that I bought during the SM San Lazaro 3-Day Sale!! Got this at P499 from P999! Swear, this is one of the most comfortable wedges I've ever worn and I've been wearing it everyday cause it gives me that little height (that I need) without that pain.

Ending my post now! I hope you liked this post! I would really appreciate your comments! Please leave one below!!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by Paolo Peralta


Valerie Torre said…
Love the whole outfit, especially the dress! :)
michymichymoo said…
You look fresh! :)
Franc Ramon said…
Great move to add the accessories. Speaking of weddings, yours is also fast approaching. =>
Emmerey Sarona said…
very cute dress! and I love your smile.. you should wear it more often :)
Mei said…
UST! I suddenly miss the days when I go to UST church to attend mass. And I miss the university too. I wish I could go back to my school. hehe

Your dress is really elegant. Just right for a wedding event. And the accessorize are simple. I realized how they are important because they add elegance to your outfit.

Lizzie said…
I am not fond of accessories but I guess I have to try them once in a while. :)
Rhea Bue said…
Ganda babe!! :D I have never given a blogging talk yet.. ikaw na!!! :D I want to experience one someday too <3
Sumi Go said…
Galing sis Rovie! Your accessories really transformed the outfit to better suit the occasion. Among your axxes though, I have to be biased on the belt since it really altered the feel of your dress ^^
Green Monday said…
accessories are very important for the overall impact of your outfit. I so love your dress, it suits you.
lovely outfit dear! love the colours of everything! I just realized that i dont have clutch or small bags like that hehe i have big bags here hihi =)
Aya said…
I need a lesson in accessorizing! Hahaha! I love your photos here. You look so pretty and happy and blooming :D

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