Denim Love

Im currently finalizing details for my entourage dresses as I write this outfit post. Earlier this morning, my family and I canvassed for entourage dresses suppliers and luckily we've booked one that is fit to my budget.
I remember telling to my lola how tiring it was to bargain to the supplier. I couldn't believe I spent more than 2 hours at the bridal shop to just settle the price, design and all other knitty gritty details. I literally had a headache after the transaction where I begged my folks to quickly head back to lucky chinatown mall to relax.
Anyways, before I become a bridezilla let me share with you what I wore earlier. I wanted a relaxed look, hence I wore shorts but accentuated it with an abstract printed top and a super cool (printed) jacket. Admittedly, I was very much afraid to try a denim on denim look -- as I've always thought that denims don't look great on me but this one turned out to be just fine. I definitely should credit it to the printed denim blazer that I got from TRUE LOVE, one of the great brands at SM GTW.
Top: Forever 21 (From Arnie Villanueva)
Sunnies: Pink Pretty Fly
Denim Blazer: True Love (SM GTW)
Necklace: Anagon Collection
Shoes: Shoo In
However the Denim on Denim look reminds so much about one thing, and I'm sure you'd agree:
Denim Reminds me of the 90's!
Oh gosh, i seriously did this wrap your jacket on your waist style a lot when I was little!
I'm really glad I decided to layer a little that day (despite the hot weather earlier the day) cause it was freezing cold in Lucky Chinatown. Dressing up sometimes has its perks

Anyways ending this with this nakaupo pose that I always wish I can soon project perfectly.
Good luck on the busy work week ahead!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Rhea Bue said…
Ganda babe!! so love it!!! :) love na love ko rin talaga yang True Love sa SM GTW!!!! wooot wooot.. sexy na sexy!!! <3 <3 <3 I like the 3rd to the last photo <3
Nice Blazer and the top really matches it. I thought wrapping the blazer on your waist is a very cool thing, it looks so stylish. xoxo
Em said…
nice look. casual yet sooo stylish :))
Dawn Sy said…
NIce top! :)
Lucy said…
You look fantastic!! love your shirt!!

Style Without Limits
Arnie Villanueva said…
Uuuy you're wearing my dress!!! :"> Super duper love it on you. Can't imagine it on anyone else!!!! ♥ Love you pretty!
thank you bebe i love true love talaga!!! haha
yes its one of my faves na :D:D
thanks lucy!
Franc Ramon said…
Yes, denims were so popular in the 90s but that makes you a much comfortable bridezilla. =>

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