Floral Sweater + Workout Weekends

I'm usually that type of blogger who takes her outfit shot whenever she feels like it. There are times where I don't have time to retouch (or even put on my makeup) and I just let whoever is with me (who is usually Paolo) to take my OOTDs. Just like in this set of photos where I asked my cousin to take my photos minutes before we head to divisoria.
(I apologize for my haggard face)
I chose to wear this thrifted floral sweater cause its unusually cold at the bridal gowns level at 168 mall. Since my family and I are just going to Divisoria, I was asked to dress down, and so I agreed. I still made sure that I'm at least wearing one statement piece-- and that would be my all time favorite boots.
Top: Thrifted
Pants: Random
I wish I put on make up and a little more concealer! Look at my eyebags :(
Shoes: Mom's

Anyways, have to make this post a little short as I have to go home and celebrate my cousin's birthday. And if you guys are not following me on instagram, I just got home from my 2-hour cardio filled workout at 360 Fitness Club (Timog). Here are my instagram posts:
 #selfie shot before gym. I love how I still look fresh that time!
Since I was late, attended the body jam class for 40 mins! Love it when Theena teaches the dance! Jam kung jam!
Then did the Workout of the Week with my new fitness partner, Shyne Marasigan! 
1000 skipropes (print screen cause its actually an instavideo)

and finished the workout with a 15-min CORE workout c/o Nike Training Club.
That's roughly 2 hours at the gym with rest minutes and of course instagramming and picture taking in between.

Gotta go now!
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Helga Gabrielle Weber said…
Wow 2 hours! I go to 360 in Makati, I should try their WOWs/WODs!
i like the whole outfit especially the boots! :)
gotapparel said…
I just love your styling sense.It's really cool.

Carizza Chua said…
Hehe hey i just got home fr lucky chinatown! Nice top.. I love the color, prang brand new pa yan ah!
Rhea Bue said…
ganda ganda!!!! <3 ikaw na ang maganda kung pupunta ng divisoria! hehehehe :D
Arnie Villanueva said…
So pretty naman my twin!! :) Love that floral sweater on you ♥ And bongga talaga ng workout sessions mo. SALUT! Hahaha!
haha kakasal kasi lol :p
thanks babe!
haggard na after ng photoshoot :p
yup! lucky find :D
thanks :)
you should!! swear you'll be challenged! :D medyo addict ako sa 360 workout haha
Franc Ramon said…
I'm seeing the results of the consistent Gym work for you. I guess your a natural when it comes to outfit posts as you can do it anywhere with not much preparation.
badudets said…
OMG 1000 skipropes, I'm dead. But your Divi outfit is still not pang-Divi ha, tipong you can't haggle because you still look rich =)
MsEarth Rullan said…
I love the sweater and the high waist pants! Looking good Rovie!
Kathy Kenny Ngo said…
I seriously love this outfit post. Classy :)
Green Monday said…
if that you called haggard and what can i say about my face :( this one is a refreshing post :)
StyleKikay said…
Work it girl! I can't wait to see the final result and of course, you in your wedding gown. :) I never got the chance to be in it which is why I enjoy looking at women in their bridal gowns. Btw, I really like your shoes....I wonder where you mom bought it? Perfect pati ang color. makahanap nga ulit online. hehhhe!


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