Goodbye Summer!

As the rain has been pouring heavily the past weeks, it only means one thing -- summer is officially over. Now that I like to bid good bye to summer, let me share with you a set of photos taken during our family outing a couple of weeks back. I'm sure you've seen these pieces on this blog (on different outfit sets) but I chose to mix match it differently this time.
Paired this Copper bralet with my Paradise Treats to make my swimwear look a little conservative (and outfit shot worthy. The sad part is, I'm just wearing my normal (and overused slippers) and I hope you can forgive me for that.
Anyways, let me share with you some of the photos we took during our outing at Pansol, Laguna. It was always fun to be with family especially on moments like this, where we have so much fun and reminisce our childhood memories. The better part is, Paolo is already part of it.

Have to end this post now! I'm watching The Call (Hale Berry) here at Paolo's house and we're already on the middle of the film. 

Good night guys :)
Much Love
The Bargain Doll


roxanne limpante said…
nice set of photos Rovie! I love the color of your swimwear..
nakakatuwa yung picture mo while singing, feel na feel :D
Carizza Chua said…
looking great! im actually glad summer is now over. such an a/w girl here haha
Franc Ramon said…
Nice Abs. Looks like you ended summer with a bang.
Em said…
sexY! :))
Rochelle Miko Kawasaki said…
Sexy! I am inspired na to lose weight and be fit. Love the color of your outfits :-)
haha! sinadya ko yan ;P
aaw ako mas okay sakin summer kasi kung ano ano nasusuot ko lol :P
wow thanks franc! sana mas gumanda pa abs ko :P
Jam Daquio said…
whew! what a happy family bonding. yeah, indeed summers officially over.. everything's back to normal - heavy traffic, heavy rain, rushIEST hours!
Woow love your outfits! I wish I'm as sexy as you! ^_^ Good for you to have family bonding this summer. I never had the chance to enjoy summer this year *poor me* It seems you all had a good time! :)
Geoff Ledesma said…
If you're just mixing and matching your outfit then you're doing great job! The first time I looked at your outfit I thought everything came together.
MrsMartinez said…
Nice outfit combination. You really have a knack for it.

Mary Narvasa ☆ said…
I wish I could some bikini outfits too but I can't kasi antaba ko na :( -
animetric said…
I like the sheer purple top!
Green Monday said…
looks like it is still summer on your side. I always love purple and that color matches you :)
thanks jam! yes super hirap na ng tagulan :(
thanks gen! super workout lang ako palagi kaya ganyan :D
thanks geoff :D
nooo kaya yan ;) I used to be a little chubby before im just hitting th egym palagi :D
thank you :)
mitchteryosa said…
So sexy! You look good in that color!
Kero said…
Looks like you all had a grand time! I really love that mini chiffon dress you had on you while singing =)..keep smiling, Rovie!
RebelSweetHrt said…
Pansol is like... 30 mins away from where I live! :)
Rhea Bue said…
OMG! Babe! Ikaw na ang sexyyyy!!! :D I like the bandeau top! <3
Kai Sensei said…
PINK! I love love the outfit. Haha. Ok lang ang slippers. Lahat naman tayo nag oordinary slippers sa bahay diba. hehe.

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