Have a Whiter Underarms with BELLA PELLE + Giveaway

 I have to admit -- I also long to have white underarms. After years of using deodorant, it eventually led to an uneven color of my underarms. I'm so glad to know that there are whitening products to adress this common problem (especially to us ladies) and BELLA PELLE is ONE of them.

Bella Pelle is a skin peeling and whitening treatment that you can easily do at the comfort of your own home. It is BFAD approved, organic, Philippine made and dermatologist- tested.

The whitening kits contain the following:

1.Green Peeling Oil –  the chemical that will slowly remove and slough off the outer layer of the dermis. 

2.Bleaching Cream –  main skin lightener that will even out the skin tone under the armpit.  By removing the first layer, less bleaching is needed and less of this gets used.

3.Aluminum Chloride based antiperspirant – Because most of the discoloring of the underarms occurs when commercial deodorants react with oil and sweat, the kit supplies a replacement antiperspirant that is odorless and is so powerful that it's prescribed for people with hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating).  The antiperspirant contains Melawhite which is a whitening agent that will continue to even out the skin after the initial bleaching.

4.Hydrocortisone cream – This is a topical steroid that is used to help reduce inflammation and irritation during and after the peeling process.

5.Whitening soap of your choice- Any whitening soap you prefer that can also be used on the body


 1 set of BELLA PELLE underarm kit costs at P1120 but because Bella Pelle love my readers so much, readers from this blog can get up to 45% off, meaning from P1120, you only need to pay P621!! Isn't that amazing? And, wait there's more. Bella Pelle is giving away 1 WHITENING KIT to 2 READERS. 

Much Love
The Bargain Doll


Mayla Lagrimas said…
Joined...love to try Bella Pelle I want to have a whiter & flawless underarms.. <3
ging valdez said…
just joined..yay excited
Regina Grace De Borja said…
I need this sooo badly! Hope to win! hahaha :)
Liezel Mabel Paano said…
where can i buy bella pelle product?
sandra dapiawen said…
Sna mkbili nko agad. Cs kc ako eh nid ko na to 4 my underarm
ems said…
sna mkabili na ako nito..sobrang ng sa suffer na ako sa UA ko...ang dami kong sleeveless na damit hndi ko nman nsusuot..pag ng date kmi ng bf ko nka tshirt to hide my UA...soooooper kkahiya tlaga pag gnito...ang dami ko na tinry pero wa epek prin...
mavy said…
aluminum chloride.. masama yan dba?
jae said…
bakit made in the philippines>?

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