Lazy Sundays

Last Sunday, my folks dragged my lazy ass out the house and forced me to take them out to the mall. Unfortunately, on the way to Trinoma (coming from Navotas) the rain poured down heavily that we were forced to stop at a milk tea place to wait for the rain to stop. Since the sky was dark and I cannot go outside to take outfit photos, I asked my mom to take my OOTD inside the shop. I'm glad she was able to take great ones.
I'm glad that Tea Pop, the newest milk tea house in Malabon has this cute spot where I was able to take my outfit shots. I was supposed to accessorize (hat and sunglasses) this outfit but because of the downpour, I decided to leave the accessories in the car and continue with my outfit shot. I love the fact that despite of my super casual outfit, my Pink Fashion top was enough to make my simple look stunning.
I used to not like wearing cropped tops but because now I'm working out (I know you see a lot on my instagram!) I now have the confidence to show my (still in the works to be flat and packed) tummy.
Top: Pink Fashion 
Shorts: Tiangge
Necklace: Crave More
Shoes: Thrifted

My Lola
Thanks Mom for taking my photos. Sorry for my super thick kilay! I just applied it seconds before taking my outfit shots haha!

We ended up having milk tea and chitchat at Tea Pop. It was still a very memorable event cause finally, my lola was able to try wintermelon milk tea for the first time

Time to end this post! Have to sleep.

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Much Love
The Bargain Doll


emmerey said…
nice top :)
wonderwoman45 said…
Yihee! Gerd represent (necklace)! :p Grabe. Sexy ka na noon, mas sexy ka pa ngayon. Kainggit to the max!
StyleKikay said…
That's a cute shirt! I miss my mama tuloy... we love going to the mall too just to eat.

Mrs. Kolca said…
Yeah baby! Why not di ba? If you have it, flaunt it!! Awww.. sana lang maging flat uli ang tummy ko after giving birth. Ahhh, mahaba-habang diet at exercise ito!
Sam Lanuza said…
Cute shirt :) Ganda ng tummy oh. :p
Franc Ramon said…
I'm sure the milk tea place was packed after seeing your outfit. => Glad to see the workouts generating good results.
RebelSweetHrt said…
I can't remember the last time my tummy was that flat, haha! Love the shoes, Rovie! :)
Rhea Bue said…
CUUUTTTEEE babe!!! Your mom took your photos pala. sweet <3 love the boots and the top!!! :D miss you <3
venussmileygal said…
I like the design of your cropped top... I could imagine the look with the hat and sunglass. ;)
thanks!! :D
miss you too? see you again?
thanks franc :D:D haha unfortunately walang nagpunta sa milktea natakot ata :p
naaaks thanks babe!!! :D
try 360 fitness club!!! :D haha
waaaa workout soon!!!! :D medyo career kami ni paolo lately hahaha! :D
thank you :D
thank you :):)

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