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Hello everyone :) How was the rest of your weekday? I'm sure most of you are spending your friday night relaxing somewhere to start the weekend. As for me, I had to head home and cancel my dinner plans with my college friends as the heavy downpour earlier scared me (I live in Malabon, btw) and I had to go home before the flood rises. Good thing the rain stopped as I arrived home. Anyways, first thing first -- this sweet and sexy outfit was the ensemble I wore last Wednesday when Paolo and I went to Edsa Shang-rila for our Man of Steel movie date.
Among all the style that I usually that I wear, it is the sweet girly look that Paolo prefers the most. So whenever we are on a date, I make sure that I look the girliest I can.
Shoes: SM Parisian
Top: Paradise Treats
Skirt: Betty / SM GTW
The floral skirt from Betty was a perfect choice for sweet dates like this. It is was a nice feeling to know that your date (though we have been dating for almost 9 years) likes the way you look. ;)
I love the floral on floral mix. Do you like it too?

Paolo and I found this perfect outfit shot spot at the new wing of Edsa Shang! We took this underneath the escalators and we both love the effect! If we're just using 50mm or 30mm prime lens, the effect would be much better.

The grumpy photographer, Paolo Peralta

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


CJ said…
Love your skirt + top!
Mrs. Kolca said…
Your floral shoes is so pretty. I thought it's something else.. Parisian pala! So classy!! :)
Chai Chen said…
Wow this is very sexy! Lovely in floral! Love your shoes too :)
Em said…
your boyfie shots pretty good!! and your look is so feminine too! especially the cute pink top and floral printed pump! :))
Lhyzie Bongon said…
Love your outfit sis! Super girly :)
Franc Ramon said…
Cool, the skirt and shoes match. Sweet and sexy, definitely.
Mei said…
Love the outfit! The floral skirt is just perfect for your plain sleeveless top. The floral skirt is emphasized. :) Plus, the floral heels, for the win! :))


Eyah said…
I love how you smile showing you teeth. you should do that always. :) The shoes are the bomb.. it really matches the skirt :) Pink looks good to you too :)
Mhisha said…
The skirt is so lovely! It really matches your pumps. :D
thank you :D
yup parisian shoes look so high end na now :D
thanks sis :D
thanks franc:D
thanks mei :D
thank you eyah! should really smile more!:)
thanks :D:D

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