A Little Sporty

Hello guys! Its actually 6 in the morning as I write this post. I decided to update my blog minutes before I head to work (it is our midyear conference by the way) for I was in hiatus over the weekend. I had a full weekend! Spent my Saturday at the gym (as always), watched World War Z with my lola and cousins (which is a great movie btw!!) then bonded with my cousis yesterday. It was one of those rare days where I actually spent it with family.
Speakingg of gym, I've realized that I haven't posted any sporty attire in my blog. Since I'm beginning this healthy lifestyle, and somehow influencing other people to it, I've decided to post some sporty look once in a while. Its the season of cropped tops so finally, I'm joining the bandwagon!
This is probably the happiest face I ever posted in this blog. :))
Still working on that hard abs!! Only a few months left before my wedding and I want to have that sexy honeymoon bodddddyyyy! Lol
Top: Cache Cache from Surplus Shop
Shorts: Random
Shoes: Fila 

Gotta go now guys! Need to be at work before 7:30am! Hope you liked this literally tummy filled post! :)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

 Thanks Mom for taking my photos :D


megannmonday said…
This is so cute, Rovie!! I really love the first photo :) Blooming na blooming ka. Great to see that you look much chipper in these photos. See you soon! (Puro tayo see you soon, btw. But it hasn't really happened yet LOL)

Megann, Style Surgery
Mish Rendon said…
Sexy mo, Rovie! And love it when you smile with your teeth. :D

XO, Mish @ LBD and Onesies
Rhea Bue said…
OMG!!!!! IKAW NA ANG PAYAAAAT!!! Grabe babeee!! so sexxxyyyy!! Love this look <3 hope to see you soon! :D
Kai Grafia said…
It's a cute little top! Love it! :)) And you're super fit na ha! Congrats pretty Rovie!
Anne said…
sexy nman... in envy your body... i wish i can get back to my old size... :)
omg sis! how i wish ganyan din ako kapayat! ;)) so sexy!
MsEarth Rullan said…
how i wish ala akong chan na ganyan! smiles look good on you :)
Jam Daquio said…
You actually look good when you smile rather than the fierce look sis. but models just really have to look fierce, ehehe. stay fit and fab!
Shugah Pauline G. said…
wow big difference babe! You look so hawt and fit already!!!!! <3 <3
Gellie Abogado said…
Your shoes are so adorbs and I'd also wanna achieve the sexy honeymoon body, hopefully, this year? keeping my fingers crossed. lol

RebelSweetHrt said…
I'd kill for a tummy like yours, sis. :D
ayzee said…
I love you Fila shoes! <3 At super wedding/honemoon ready na ang body mo! ;)
Franc Ramon said…
You look so cute with the top and your abs are really well defined now.
King Deligero said…
Love the words on your top "Live with Love" it really fits on you., btw, your sexy!
shopgirljen said…
You look young here, Rovie! At ang sexy na ha!! I admire your determination to be fit!! :))
wonderwoman45 said…
Cute! I like you better when you smile like this than when you do that tight-lipped smile of yours. You look prettier and more approachable :) ...not that you're not pretty with your other smile. But mas blooming ka pag ganito :)
thank you angeeel :D yes ang narealize ko i look so young whenever i smile smile. :D how are you? :)
alam mo yan mommy jen!! haha lakas maka 18 ng photo na to :D haha
thanks king :D
more more pa haha para magka baby daw agad :p lol
thank you :D
you can!! kayang kaya!!!
thanks shugah!! :D:D im happy rin may results na gym ko haha
thanks jam :D:D
meron ka mother!! kaya mo :D
thanks sis :) puro workout naman yan sis sana nga maging payat ako ng walang effort lol :P
thank you prettier kai!!!
at nagkita na tayo haha :D
thanks i'd need that bonding alam mo naman dami ko kaguluhan!! haha
wonderwoman45 said…
Haha talagang dito nagchat? I'm good. Well, medyo sick this week coz nagkahawaan with the baby, but otherwise good. Long time no seeeee!!
haha see you on weds!!

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