I never thought oversize tops can actually be a useful outfit on lazy days. I remember seeing this ALABAMA top inside my mom's closet and she has been using this as a pambahay for so many years now. With the advent of grunge style, I decided to get it from my mom and incorporate it in my style.
Top: From Mom's
Jeans: BNY
And since cropped tops are so in right now, I decided to play around with my top, tied it up at the back and tada, here's my labas tyan look. If my last tummy filled post was full of smiling photos, this set of photos are more serious looking. Why? Because first, I don't have any make up on except for my red lipstick and second, I took all pictures using the self timer mode hence leaving me no choice but to be in serious mode. I know those reasons may sound weird but it really did affected me a lot while I was posing infront of the camera.
It is so hard to do a selfie using your self-timer SLR without a tripod. So here's my best take on my outfit details.
My still wet, messy bun
Shoes: Aldo
Abs please come out? Haha
My only smiling photo! Haha

Speaking of smiling, I'm sure you've seen in instagram that finally my braces were removed (after 3 years!!). Here's my smiling photo, that I waited for 26 years. 
Wait for it and I will definitely blog about my face transformation soon!

And oh, I"ll be announcing my ASIAN SECRETS winners soon!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Rhea Bue said…
OMG! You're so sexyyy babe! Ikaw na!!! and wow! wala ka nang braces!!! congrats!!! :D
michymichymoo said…
No more braces! Lovely! :)
mitchteryosa said…
I so love your shoes! At ang sexy sexy talaga! Missing my "payat" days more when I look at your photos haha!
Franc Ramon said…
You look real tall here. Aside from the shoes, your lean figure makes you a lot taller.
Tin said…
the boots rocks! oo nga, uso ulit ngayon ang labas ang tyan. hihihi..
Kai Grafia said…
Woot woot! So Sexy sis :)) Love the way you did your hair too!
cherry said…
Goodbye braces, hello cool clear teeth:D
New follower here. I love ur blogs^_^
Ayzee Casimiro said…
killer abs, killer shoes! <3
ISHNA said…
Sexxyyy!! And yay to your bigger smile!:)

yeeesss me so happy :D haha!!!
thank you! :):)
kaya mo yan :D dinaan ko lang sa workout lol :)
haha :D salamat!!
thank you!! :D
kahit medyo messy!! thanks kai!!! :D
wow thanks cherry!! :D
wee thanks!! :D
thanks ishna! :)
Aya said…
Sexy!! I kept looking at your shoes - I like! :D

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