Asian Secrets Whitening Spa

I've seen this Asian Secrets Whitening Spa when I went to SM The Block weeks back. Being a loyal user of the brand, it somehow excited me to know that there's a spa that offers full body whitening and pampering that uses Asian Secrets as their house brand. So when I was invited to grace their soft opening yesterday, I immediately blocked of my Saturday for this.
Went to the event with my blogger bff, Mich and Rhea (who arrived when Mich and I were already being pampered).
When they learned that I'm also working with Unilab, they were surprised! :) I'm a bit shy to tell them I'm also a blogger. Haha
Asian Secrets Spa offer scrub, massage, wrap services in a much affordable price! The good thing is they are using Asian Secrets for the whole body scrub and a special lotion for the massage. Their rates start at P500! I tell you their service is way beyond amazing
One of the things I like about this spa is they first interview you prior the treatment. They ask whether you have specific allergies or conditions that may affect the service. This is something that other spas do not offer.
So I was able to be pampered with the White Empress Ritual Whitening Scrub + Massage. It was an 80-minute session where for the first 50 minutes, the therapist gave me a whole body scrub and afterwards, took a shower (with a free soap that you take home after) then be pampered for a great 30-minute massage.
It was HEAVEN!
I've been to a number of spas before and I must say that the treatment I got here exceeds my expectations. I was surprised on how the therapist meticulously scrubbed each area of my body. I was even surprised on how relaxing the massage is. Even though it was just a 30-min ritual, it was just perfect to relax my (always) tired body. I will definitely go back here. And oh, was I able to mention that their HOT TEA tastes so good too? I'm seriously going back for the service and for the tea. Haha.
Look how the rest of us enjoyed our 80 minutes of bliss.
Asian Secrets Whitening Spa is located at the 5th level, SM The Block.
Of course our OOTD picture taking afterwards! I had a super great time with these girls, Mich and Rhea.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Happy Sunday guys!

Much Love, 
The Bargain Doll


Franc Ramon said…
Looks like you were all pampered well at Asian Secret Whitening Spa.
Rochelle Rivera said…
Wow nice. I would definitely give Asian Secret Whitening Spa a try. Interesting since Asian Secret Body Scrub is a great product. Waah. Sana kasama ako diyan. Saya! Hope to meet you in person soon!
Patricia Tan said…
Tried this product na. it feels good naman but i want to experience this! Haha Ang sexy ni Mich plus your outfit! Crop top kung crop top! Haha sexy! :)
Kim Nieves said…
omg I see three beautiful beautiful sexy ladies! =) I might consider going Asian Secrets since it's been ages since I last had my spa treatment. ♥♥♥
levy said…
I know Mich and Rochelle :) I was also surprised that Asian Whitening has it's own spa. You're so sexy with your OOTD...
* roche * said…
Nagsusumigaw ang picture namin ni Mikki! Hahaha! Thanks, Rovie! We're very glad you loved your spa treatment. :)
RebelSweetHrt said…
Two of my favorite things combined - spa and Asian Secrets! Nice! :)
Gen-zel said…
I love asian secrets too! As in. Tried all their variants :)) I don't know they have this pala. It's just that it's too far from my place :( I hope they'll have somewhere near sa south :D Thanks for sharing! :)
i love Asian secrets! I've been using it for months now! wow! it's great that they have a spa. thanks for sharing!
Rhea Bue said…
sana maulit tooooh.. super relaxing nung 80mins. panalo! :D
ging valdez said…
running out of asian lulur whitening body,i want them ms. rovie..woot! sexy!
Hazel said…
looks like a fun day for you girls :D
badudets said…
It's Unilab all the way! I can't wait to use my free service with them too, I think I'll have the White Empress too.
Michelle Bugante said…
Hahahahha Rovie!!! My picture!! lol hahahahaha :)))) I missed you!!! Super loved the massage and the kwentuhan! :D I gave my Lulur scrub to some of my friends here in China and they loved it! hehehe See you next time! :D
yes thanks franc :)
yes you should! see you sooon :)
thanks pat!! :) yes lalo na if you get the services! :)
you should affordable lang and really nice :) thanks! :)
hihi thank you :):)
i did!! super thanks mam roche for the chance!! :)
yes you should try!! :)
i hope they expand soon :)
yeyyy you should try!! :)
go marami pa yan!! :D i hope haha!
haha :) thanks!!
super sulit!! :):) thank youuu!!!
see you when you get back! super sexy mo sa photo mo haha sorry had to post it! :p
Sai Sayson said…
Ang sexy naman ni Mich sa picture up there hehe. Never tried their products yet. I guess getting fairer is not an issue for me. I just keep my skin healthy by eating lots of fruits and putting on my daily dose of sun protection pero I'm curious sa spa na to. Ang layo lang ng The Block sa place ko. Do they have other branches? Say, near Ortigas?
Sheena Mamaril Malate said…
Love the OOTD esp. the Cat face printed dress! Where did you buy that? :)
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