Crazy Kids

The whistle on Ke$ha's latest song, Crazy Kids is stuck in my head as I write this post. Well, its fitting enough for my blog cause this is probably one of my craziest outfit I've ever worn -- inside a mall!
They say when you have it flaunt it.Since I've been working real hard lately for my Project Sexy honeymoon body, why not wear cropped / midribs? I'm partly grateful that Paolo did not took these outfit photos cause if it was him behind the lens, these photos won't be captured. But don't worry, I was permitted to post this one.
Trying to project an edgy vibe is really a challenge for me so this is the closest thing I can get to edgy / punk. I love how a different style gives a liberating feeling! Its fun to mix and match outfits that are out of your comfort zone and there come up with a fun look. Do you guys like this outfit?
Top: Random 
(I confess, I used this as my sports bra! and I got this for only P100!)
This CRAVE MORE necklace is just perfect to finish the whole look! Also Do you see the nice studs on the collar of my denim polo? I love that little, edgy detail!
Leggings: Pretty Munchkin
Sunnies: Random from SELECT Grocery
Shoes: Folded & Hung
Anyways, as Crazy Kids is playing on repeat on grooveshark, let me end this post with this 2 photos, as directed by the superb photographer, Rhea Bue
We are the crazy people, as Kesha whispers in her song.

Thank you Rhea / Bebe for these amazing photos and for actually editing it for me. I'm so grateful for your skills cause I have ZERO photography and editing skills. :)
Enjoyed our short I-cup date too!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Christine Liwag said…
You looove wearing that Crave More necklace! :"> Thank you, Rovie. Hang soon!
alam mo yan! i need to buy more kasi isa palang crave more ko L-) super bagay kasi sya sa edgy outfit!!
The outfit looks great! That workout is really paying off. Wish I had time to workout too. :)

Pauchee Casimiro
charchar said…
Hey sexy!!! Kainggit ang tiyan!!! Sana ganiyan na ulit ung tiyan ko. Puno kasi ng stretch marks and flabs. hahaha! I love the necklace and the shoes! awesome photos too! ang galing talaga ni rhea mag-direk! at syempre lalo na ung model! (:
Kinga Sarolta Kavasi said…
love the leggings :)

leirs said…
i love the play on black and white
Sai Sayson said…
Ansabe sayo ni Tyra Banks? Hehe, pang-ANTM ang pose. Love the leggings and your denim oversized top.

Sai Montes,
Sarah Andres Estor said…
Wow you're so sexy! I love everything, especially the leggins! :)
Rhea Bue said…
awwww.. you're always welcome babe!!! you're super sexxyyy!! love it! :D
Robi Marapao said…
You're getting sexier -- a payback when you get closer to your hardwork. Just continue your fitness activities. :)
Airra Pingol said…
i love the whole combo.
very edgy. goodjob!
sexy mo lalo girl! :)
Gen-zel said…
Why so sexy! Love the outfit, you're looking sexier every new posts here on your blog *thumbs up* I feel you, I should also ask permission if I'm gonna post something like this :D But hey, I bet he's so proud! ;)
Angelique Misa said…
Wooot! Love the outfit! Ang sexy nyo naman po :)
Patricia Tan said…
Rovie! This is FIERCE! I love the denim top! Sayang hindi kasali ang brand na yan sa SM - GTW contest! I'm digging pa nmn sana :3
Franc Ramon said…
I have to agree, you do have it. So with the fiance's consent, flaunt it. =>
Jam Daquio said…
Wow! I love that!!! Grabe wala talagang puson. I also love I-cup! :)
Lean Lacaba said…
woah. amazing pictures. i love the combinations!
U-Ned Algabre said…
so sexy and edgy!
Arra said…
Ang fierce! Go edgy, Rovie!

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