Eat Healthy, Drink Healthy!

For someone who is on a #ProjectSexy mode like me, the biggest challenge in my fit lifestyle is food. Working out is not enough to achieve that perfecty toned body, but diet should come hand in hand as well. However, one of the biggest challenge for me is where to find that healthy food when I'm not at home. Where to eat? What to eat?

 Since I'm always on-the-go (and a gym rat too), I'm happy to share to you some of the basic health tricks that are fitting for our lifestyle!

1. NEVER GO FOR THE NO CARBS DIET! Common misconception: “carbs and fats are enemies”. A proper diet is synonymous to a balanced diet. Meaning, you do not have to eliminate an entire food group, as the trick lies solely on watching your consumption. Carbs and fats aid the body in producing the energy needed in everyday work. So when you’re out, just go for low-fat alternatives; then for carbs, as they say, the darker the shade, the healthier.

2. NO CHIPS FOR SNACKS! Snacks are crucial in keeping the body’s blood sugar level up. Apart from giving energy, they can also curb hunger pains. Even if it’s too tempting to grab a bar of chocolate or a cheeseburger, you might as well shift your mental image of merienda into the likes of yogurt, fruits, or low-calorie energy bars

3.NO MORE HIGH CALORIE DRINKS!. Reduce drinking beverages filled with calories that do not nourish the body. Coconut water has been the go-to drink of health enthusiasts primarily because of its natural hydrating properties and ability to flush out toxins. Plus, it has seven times more Potassium content than one banana. (OMG NO MORE MILK TEA & FRAPS FOR MEE)

Good thing there's a drink that totes all the goodness of refreshment, nutrition, anti-oxidants, and potassium every day in just one drink. Tropicana Coco Quench has made it easy to bring the natural freshness of real coconut water in a convenient Tetra Pak packaging, with up to 8-month shelf life. It comes in an on-the-go 330ml pack that you can just stash in your bag for a full day ahead.

Hope you enjoyed this little fitness trick! :)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


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Marie ♡ said…
Now that inspires me to go hit the gym again! :)
Good luck Ate Rovs. I know you can achieve that sexy toned body! ;) ♥

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