I'm a Dork

My love for cropped tops has grown into a higher level. I shy away from wearing cropped tops before because of my relatively huge tummy but since I've lost a little weight (from working out), I decided to give cropped tops a try. Since then nawili na ako in wearing it.
Wore this last weekend when Paolo and I went shopping at SM North Edsa. Since shopping day means comfort day, I wore the comfiest and lousiest combo I can ever think off -- kick-ass top, skinny jeans, statement flats and most importantly, shocking bun.
You might get tired of my "inat" pose but this peg is slowly becoming my favorite.
Bag: Coach
Would you believe that I got this top for P150 only? I know there are a lot of other online shops that sell cropped tops like this but its only from Pretty Munchkin that I get this for a super low price! Check more of their clothes here: https://www.facebook.com/prettymunchkinnn
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: SO FAB
As for my statement hair, I used Claire's donut bun maker to achieve this big bun!
Shall be posting a tutorial soon!
Here's a jump shot to cap off my post!

I just got home from a pampering massage at Asian Secrets Whitening Spa at SM The Block (where I got one of the best massages ever!) and bonding with my blog bffs, Rhea and Mich. I would really love to tell you more about it here soon!

For the meantime, let me thank my official photographer / partner forever:
So he won't get mad at me cause I keep on forgetting to credit him. :p

Have a great Sunday guys!
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Rhea Bue said…
Ikaw na ang sexxxyyyy!!! I like your top here babe!! the overall look is nice! very comfy nga!!! :D
ianemv said…
So 80's :)
Olivia Carmella Cena said…
You look fresh and happy.. Love your crop top too. I'm dreaming to wear crop top someday but needs to double time workout.. Stay sexy! =)
RebelSweetHrt said…
The last time I wore I cropped top was when I was... in Kindergarten? Hahaha. :D
MissApriil said…
UGH! So sexy na sis! I'm actually following your workout photos and progress, now I'm motivated to workout religiously.
MrsMartinez said…
Like the bun on you!

Riza Acebuche said…
I love your inat pose! Maybe lahat ng tao nakatingin sayo when you do that. :)
Franc Ramon said…
You're such a pretty dork. It would be nice if you'd also used a dorky glasses for this post.
Eyah said…
cute outfit. :) hilig din ako sa crop top :) Anyway napansin ko lang bloooming ka these days. probably because of the upcoming big day! Love the shirt!;)
wow! you look so cute! i love girls with hot a hot body just like yours! i wish i will trim down though.. Pretty, Beautiful and perfect bride to be! ^_^
Sai Sayson said…
Cute! Love the top and your bun :) You look like a college student here girl.
Kai Grafia said…
Cute look sis! Love the print on that top and that bag is the bomb!
Mi Chelle said…
Wow.. your cropped top is super cute! However, I will not wear one until I get that perfect flat tummy like yours.. lol
mitchteryosa said…
Your outfit suits you. Well, halos lahat naman. Parang Anne Curtis lang, kahit anong isuot bagay hehe!
Women on Fire Club said…
Your cropped top is really cute! It looks good on you coz you have a sexy bodieee :> I wish I could also wear something like that. Hehe
thank you :)
yes lately im into retro looks :p
thank you :):)
me too until now! heeh :P
thank you!! sige il post more workout and progress photos!! :p
thanks! :)
good thing there were few people na when I did that haha
i shouldve!! forgot to wear one lang :(
i think so too and because i smile a lot na, no more braces :D
thanks dear!! really preparing for that big day :)
hihi lakas makabagets :P thanks sai!!
thanks kai! :)
di pa perfect! how i wish perfect na :) but ill work out more more pa :))
aaaw thanks super best comment everrrr :)
thanks you can wear this too! :) took me a lot of time before i was able to pull this off >.<

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