On the Road to #ProjectSexy

Hello guys! I was supposed to blog about my usual OOTDs today but because of an insistent public demand , let me share with you today my weight-loss routine that I call PROJECT SEXY. I'm sure most of you know that I'm getting married on November and I have been working out really hard the past months to achieve that perfect "bridal body." So when I posted my 3-month progress on instagram this morning, I was overwhelmed on the number of (positive) comments I received. I'm really glad that I was able to inspire people on that post too. 
This was my instagram post earlier today. I'm really happy to have seen results after almost 4 months of working out and diet! Would you believe that aside from the visible results (abs are slowly showing off), my waistline dropped from 29 (March) to 25 1/2 this month. 

So what do I do? What do I eat?

If you follow me on instagram, you'd know that I go to 360 Fitness Club (Timog branch). I've enrolled there last January but I got serious in working out sometime around March. In 360, we usually do circuit training where you get a full body workout in 30 minutes! I also attend their body jam, zumba, body balance classes among others. 
For more info about circuit training, visit 360 fitness club's website here.

My usual instagram selfies / couple selfies with my fiance and fitness partner, Paolo.

However, things got a little more serious when I enrolled to a Personal Training program with Coach Edgar Ordillas on top of my usual circuit trainig at 360. With his guidance, my training sessions became more intense and more hardcore. From my goal to simply lose weight, it chaned to be more stronger and have higher endurance.
Coach Edgar, his daughter Tala and his wife Mei during one of our PT sessions.
Some of our intense PT sessions at 360.

I usually workout 3-5x a week, usually 30mins to a couple of hours depending on how busy my schedule is. Here's what I usually do in a week:
Monday - PT sessions with Coach Ed
Tuesday - usually rest day (my usual overtime day at work where I finish at around 10pm
Wednesday - Dance classes and/or Suspension training class
Thursday - Rest or Dance class (if I'm in the mood or not busy)
Friday - PT session with coach Ed
Saturday - circuit at 360 or most of the time, rest (gimik / ganap days)
Sunday - (which started this week) personal workouts with family

I don't usually follow that schedule religiously but I make sure I workout AT LEAST 3x a week. Lately, working out has been inspiring cause aside from having Paolo around, I also met new friends at 360 and now encouraged my family to workout with me every Sundays (feels good to inspire your own family).

But wait, how about my diet?
If I only do CLEAN & HEALTHY EATING RELIGIOUSLY, I believe results will be much better. But since I'm the type of person who will not be productive if deprived with food. I tend to be demotivated  whenever I cannot eat the usual things that I like. So for me to not get hungry (and not be counterproductive), I still eat the things that I like but in moderation.
Whenever Paolo and I will eat either on a date or after workout, we'd usually go to Chinese (dimsum so everything's steamed), Korean (and eat a lot of meat and lettuce) or anywhere else as long as we get to eat vegetables and meat. I prefer the first two cause I can overeat without actually feeling guilty.

So basically I still eat anything I want but the right kind of food. I'm not your usual gym goer who prepares his/her food in the morning. I'm just your simple eat-whatever-I-can-as-long-as-its-not-sinful. They consist mostly of:

Breakfast: Oatmeal (most of the time no milk but with sugar), tuna, black coffee. I also eat corned beef, fried egg. I used to love hotdogs before but I stopped eating it when I learned how much calories a single piece has
Lunch / Dinner - usually salad and meat. I make sure they separate the dressing cause I still can't give up ceasar or japanese mayo dressing so I put just a little bit on my salad. I also eat wheat bread with tuna, or when I'm in a carinderia, I usually get 2 servings of gulay and barbeque or fried fish. (Example: 2 servings of laing and 2 bbq sticks). I still eat all the lutong ulam so I won't miss them and won't eventually crave for it in the long run. I also prefer eating siomai, fried tofu, fried lumpiang gulay, chopseuy, adobong kangkong when I'm at home or anyplace else.
Snacks - Since I'm no cook, I tend to buy snacks from convinience stores. Whenever I'm hungry I munch on bananas (thank heavens there's banana in 711) or even fruit snacks, peanuts (I finish a pack of growers in one sitting), raisins and even yogurt. Sometimes I give in to oatmeal and energy bars when I'm really craving for something sweet. 

So I avoid: 
Salty food
Sweets (trying to!)
Flavored drinks, except for black coffee and tea
Junk /  Fast food
Anything fried and breaded

On Cheat days
Most fitness people don't believe in the concept of cheat days. But for someone who has a huge appetite like me, I think I cheat everyday. My coach told me to try to give up flavored drinks (juices, teas, coffees), sweets and even salty. But I can't help it. I still eat a lot of sinful food and tend to burn it at the gym after (which is not a good thing to do.) So basically I can't give up 3 things:
Milk Tea or Starbucks Iced Coffee (that I drink 3-4x a week)
Desserts that are as sinful as this . (This one is pancake house's cookie butter tower)
Weekend drinking!

So I'm still not your ideal workout girl. I still try my very best to at least eat as cleanly as I can but I'm only human so I tend to give in to food temptations. If you will ean clean (steamed food and on the right portions), and be as motivated and dedicated as I am in terms of working out, I'm sure results will be much better on you.

I hope you learned something or got inspired on this post. Before I end this one, let me share another pasabog to you guys.

Whenever I see this one, I get more inspired to workout more and NOT CHEAT. Lol :)

Good night guys! Hope you liked this post!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll
Photos grabbed from my instagram account, @roviedear


Cheryl Zamora said…
How inspiring! I wish I can be motivated as you. Everyday is always my cheat day as well. I tried going back to the gym, but I usually feel lazy since I'm almost always up at night :( So my body clock is totally opposite to what is normal.
Mei said…
JUST WOW. This is so inspiring. I seriously need some exercise too. I mean, I'm not really fat, but I have unwanted fats. I'm putting stress with the waist/abs. I hope I also get to achieve that body. But yes, I still lack motivation and I don't have anyone to do it with yet. So that will wait, I think. Hehe. I should congratulate you. That's a great achievement!

Rochelle Rivera said…
WOw Sexy and Gorgeous. I am so inspired. I will definitely do my Balik Alindog Program or Project Sexy as soon as I get better, cough and colds just makes me want to rest and lie down. I really love how your body changes. Congratulations Sexy!
nice Transformation Babe! Konti nlng! But you already is sexy now you know!! Big change ang galing mo! Iba tlg pg motivated. Absent ako sa gym ng 1 week. Starting again This 1st of july. Goodluck stn!
Cai said…
Wow, so inspiring Rovie! Sexxxy!!!!
MsEarth Rullan said…
I love the fact that you have your workout buddy your future hubby! Ang sexy mo na Rovie baby! I see abs na! I'm excited for you and your big day! :)
Two thumbs up for the May 2013 photo! Woot for the abs! Na inspire na ako mag work out!
Deann said…
Congrats! Grabe gusto ko na rin magpapapayat haha! Nainggit ako sa abs mo! :D
animetric said…
Wow you were already slim before but you are now much more so, toned too!
NinaMercado said…
Wow congrats! I'm really inspired by this :DDD haha.
Lhyzie Bongon said…
Congrats sis! :) Sana makeri ko din mag diet. Haha.
Sumi Go said…
Congrats sis Rovie! Love your new figure and I'm sure you'll get even more toned in the next months. Ready na ready ka na talaga to be a hot bride :D Anyway, your post inspired me to get back to working out. I was doing well then biglang tinamad >.< Being a food blogger didn't help too. Haha! Will do a round of Insanity tonight though. Hope I'll get to trim down my waistline to 24 soon!
Rhea Bue said…
OMG BABBBBEEE!! You're so payat na!!!! ikaw na!!! grabeee!!! <3 kasalan na to!! I can't waaaiiiittttt!!! <3
venussmileygal said…
Wow! Impressive result. Congrats Rovie! Project sexy is a working progress talaga! :)
Bella Morcen said…
AGAIN. Best blog post ever!
omg sis! how inspiring naman.. gusto kona tuloy magdiet din.. haha
erika said…
COngratulations! Toned na talaga body mo. :)
daintychicloila said…
Congrats! Effective much Project sexy. :-)
Franc Ramon said…
I like how your abs is shaping up. I'm sure it's even gonna be better in the next few months.
Kathy Kenny Ngo said…
Wala akong masabi kundi Vavavoom!
congrats! you should be an inspiration to those who wants to lose weight in a proper way. :) - lenny (www.intotheblush.com)
thank you everyone :D
emmerey said…
wow.. how did you managed to make it? i mean .. that's hard!! what exercises did you do to focus more in loosing fats around the belly?
Lovelee said…
Wow! You did such a wonderful job! Kudos to you! I envy your discipline. i'm going tocheck out 360 Fitness Club since it is a bit near where I work so if it pushes through, it will be convenient for me. Again, bravo! Clap!Clap! =)
OMG! I so love the results. First, I'm so happy you're getting married! Congrats girl! :) Then, I love that you go to the gym with your fiance <3 My bf doesn't accompany me before so I didn't last long going to the gym and I tried working out at home and I really got the results I want but now I feel lazy again and not working out for a month. Thanks for sharing this post, now I feel motivated again. :D Thanks also for sharing your diet. Me too, I can't just say goodbye to sweet and salty foods, I hope I can soon :D Congrats again and wishing you all the best on your next journey in life :)
michymichymoo said…
Amazing!!! :) I used to work out at 360, pero kinatamaran din. hahaha. For brekkie, you may want to try Kellogg's Special K with Oats and Honey too. :)
Green Monday said…
wow that really works for you. i guess it is all about diligence and your will . i lost 3 kilos from january to may eating less rice and only cereals in the evening. i guess, i still need to lose my excess tummy, good luck on the wedding :)
Jhen said…
yan ang gusto ko ma-achieve... more inspired than ever and thanks for the tip (basta steamed dish)... that's good to know... tapos ung salty... :) although I know how you feel regarding the flavored drinks... I'm a freaking coffee addict... I guess that's one thing I can't get rid. But thank you for sharing this. more determined than evah!!!!
Tin said…
WOW if Iam the one who's going to make your bridal gown I will be giving you a discount haha good job.! I super need this by november too...not that I am marrying but I have a 10day travel that will includes beach bumming. :)
OMG i salute you! i need this post in my life! im glad i found this <3 i lost 8 pounds so far but i need to be more active, this is so inspiring :) ganda ng result, looking fab sis!

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