Shopping Bonding

Earlier this afternoon, I went to the SM Store at SM Megamall with my bebe girl, Rhea Bue to do some shopping bonding at our favorite brand, SM GTW. I was a bit surprised on how quick Rhea shopped for her clothes, whereas it took me a lot of time to actually pick the items that I like.  All the clothes from SM GTW brands -- Redhead, Soiree, Shopaholic, Betty, True Love, and Dollhouse are so beautiful that I had a hard time choosing. So both of us ended up buying more than what the amount that we planned to to spend. 
It was fun shopping with Rhea! I was so amazed on how quick we finished shopping (it is so much easier to shop when a fashionista friend is around!) that we had enough time to bond over dinner (at KFC) before Paolo arrived to pick me up (for another round of dinner)! 

Since Paolo arrived, I had the chance to have my OOTD taken. While I have poor photoshop skills, I would  like to apologize if my photos have different colors! I am so not good in that area. Haha. Anyways, here's the dress that I wore earlier. Yes, its from SM GTW!
I was playing around with Auto Levels, Photo Filter and Variations with Photoshop but because I don't know how to make each effect consistent for every photo, I ended up with these sets. So if there's anyone who is willing to teach me any skills, I'd be very happy :D
Anyways, my soon to be mother in law also loves this dress more than I do. The color and the print is so appealing that no one can go wrong by wearing this dress. The cut and the black detail makes any wearer look and feel sexy in an instant! I remember how the saleslady at SM GTW section at SM Cubao last month encouraged me to buy this dress for it was one of their best sellers. It was one great decision I've made. Expect this dress to make a number of appearance in this blog!
Shoes: Aldo
Aaand that's a wrap! I'm so excited to share with you guys all the pretty clothes I've shopped at SM GTW earlier. For now, gotta make this post short as my bed is calling me already. Here's the summary on how Rhea and I spent our Friday afternoon:
Gotta go now guys! Have a weekend work tomorrow (sigh) so I have to be up early! Goodnight :)
Thank you Paolo Peralta for the photo and for the second round of dinner!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


RebelSweetHrt said…
I'm sure you and Rhea had tons of fun shopping. Love the photos! ;)
Rhea Bue said…
yeeeey!! I super enjoyed shopping with you too babe!! <3 <3 <3 Sa sunod ulit! hihihihihi.. mwua. :-* P.S. Pa grab ng photos. hihihihi :)
ISHNA said…
Shopping is such a great bonding activity no? I love the stiff from SM. i recently bought 2 tops from redhead and i love it! Affordable too.

Franc Ramon said…
Perfect way to bond for two persons with similar interest.
Love your dress! I definitely agree that there's no getting wrong with wearing such a dress. Stand-alone na siya eh. Shoes and bracelet nalang all set na :D Anyway, looks like you girls really had fun shopping! ^^
Pretty Ugly said…
You really are a lot prettier when you show your teeth when you smile. :)
Angelique Misa said…
Looked like both of you had fun shopping together. :) Nice dress too! :)
Hazel said…
Ganda ng dress!!!! sobrang nakakapayat ichura!!! gusto ko nyan ;)
Bella Morcen said…
Mga Teh, miss ko na kayo. :(
charchar said…
nice dress! you look so gorgeous and fab! I want to know what's on those paper bags. Blog it! hehe. (:
badudets said…
Nice dress! And it's really great to shop with a friend, makes shopping twice the fun.
Patricia Tan said…
Can't wait to go there! Pretty girls as always! you had fun for sure our honey! :D
Jam Daquio said…
I envy you of having a supportive bf. ahem, correction. fiance na pala kaya ganyan kayo ka intact sa isat isa. hihi. btw, i also shopped very slow. always confused which 1 is better as im not really fashionista.
yes fiance na :D weve been together for 9 years haha :P
thank youu :) minsan shop with us!!
agree! thanks:)
soon i shall outfit post them :D
we miss you too beb!!
thank you :D
and now no more braces so i can smile more :D yeeeee
true kaya worth buying talaga :) thanks babe!!
thank you :)
yes thats why favorite ko ang redhead :D hihi
true!! many many more times pa!! haha
Sam Lanuza said…
My favorite girls :) I am excited to see your purchases :-*

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