The Late Bloomer

I'm sure you know why Late Bloomer is the title of this post. For 26 years, I've waited for this moment -- to actually smile with a nice set of teeth. Too bad the blooming part came in late, I was past the 25 mark when I reach the point (in my own opinion lang naman) that physically, I am somehow contented on how I look. It is probably this wedding (which is 4 months from now) that "pressured" me to get fit, be toned, have a good set of teeth, and also have smoother skin. So if you guys want to lose weight and look good, pakasal narin kayo. Lol! 
Okay so kidding aside, let me talk a little bit about this wonderful coral dress. You guys know that I love dresses. I'm that type of shopper who'd rather shop for dresses (than shorts or tops) cause I think that I can re-wear the dresses over and over again (as a top, as a skirt, etc). This one just captured my heart cause first, the color is just perfect for my tone and second, the cut is just so feminine that compliments my style.

I'm sure you know which brand I got this from.
Yep, you're right! It's from no other than my favorite brand, Redhead (SM GTW). See? SM GTW has an array of wonderful and affordable clothes that fit any style and any age! Yes even if I'm in my working stage already, I still prefer shopping at the Girls Teens Wear Section of The SM Store cause they have clothes that fit my needs.
The dress comes with this gold belt! (Insert a kilig dance here)
Shoes, Ring & Earrings: Forever 21
Anyways I'm sure you've seen in my instagram post that I attended a Glam / Photography Make-up workshop at Maquillage Professionnel School of Make-up Artistry. I had a lot of fun cause in almost 3 hours, I was able to learn some basic techniques in applying event or party make-up! I wanted to tell you more about it but because I want to get deeper into that, I'll write about it on a separate post tomorrow. But, I want to thank Krissy Cruz (Krissyfied) & ARC PR for inviting me to this very special event. The event was just perfect for a make-up junkee like me!
Again, many many thanks Krissy and ARC PR for this event! Can't wait to share how that workshop gave me the skill to look pretty everyday. :D

Hope you enjoyed this post. By the way, I'm also announcing the winners for my ASIAN SECRETS giveaway! 
Louis Sanchez
Chona Diaz
Rain Gatdula
Fati Recede
Bea Bajar 
Congats! I'll be emailing you for the details :D

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by Kristel Ann Cruz


mitchteryosa said…
You really have a nice wardrobe. Good choices as always!
Jam Daquio said…
im planning to have my braces soon too. have to make ipon ipon pa..
anyway, i also love to shop at GTW but these days ive been an ayala mall goer so i never get the chance to see their newest picks
Charleen said…
You look prettier! <3 I love it. :)
BLOOMING! :) Better late than never, right? I was kind of a Late Bloomer too. :) Congrats on the great set of pearly whites! I know how it feels having uneven teeth. :)
Dovi Amor Sabong said…
your dress really shows your girly side! pretty! :)

congratulations to all the winners!
megannmonday said…
You look so stunning, ate! Not that you didn't before. Magkapatid eh, so naturally pareho tayong maganda hahaha ;) Looove. Cool that I also talked about 3 different ways to style a dress on my blog post here: haha

xx Megann, Style Surgery
Arra said…
Ganda! I can relate since I also had my ugly duckling stage and eventually naman, we'll bloom to become the most beautiful flower! Deep! haha!

Style Reader
Jade said…
Ow...How I wish I had that body. Maraming cute dress sa teens section e.
of course cause we're twins!! me labs you :D
Franc Ramon said…
Wow the braces are finally off. Made your smile even better.
thanks mitch :D
go! the good thing with braces pwede naman installment :) may sale nga ngayon sa ensogo 5-7k lang upper or lower braces :D
thank you :D
yes! haha thanks kweshieee! :D
MsEarth Rullan said…
the daytime makeup look you did is fab!
hamlet0 said…
Very nice Pictures.

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