I'm not usually a fan of flash photography but due circumstances like this, Paolo have no choice but take my outfit shots with flash. I wore this last Sunday when his family and I went to Trinoma and check Mezza Norte. So being a not-so professional photoshop user, I decided to make a little image edit. (I'm really sorry if the photos don't look too artsy).
I don't usually edit my photos that much because (1) I'm a little stupid on Photoshop tricks (2) I don't have that much time (3) I'm just really stubborn. The only editing trick I know on Photoshop is the usual auto-level, photofilter & this magic button called variations. So I just open my photo, click those three adjustment tools and there you go, final product/s.
Anyhoo, before I go on and explain myself, let me share with you what I wore that night. I've realized that I still don't own a peplum top so I decided to buy this nautical-inspired peplum top at SM GTW / Redhead. I love how peplum tops hug the body perfectly and make any girl look and feel sexy.
The stripe detail is so adorable that I plan to wear this top another time! Proably a more nautical inspired look. What do you think?
What's not to love top? Just look how nice the back detail is :)
Wore my navy blue thrifted skirt for some monochrome effect. Funny cause I was choosing between this and a turquiouse colored skirt but the fiance chose the darker color. He was a bit happy cause it was one of the rare occurences that I agreed on his suggestion.
Shoes: Aldo
(That a friend sold me for only P500! Yes I buy second hand shoes!!)
Before I end this post, just want to share with you how my photo should have looked if Pao and I used manual, no-flash photography. Editing could be more painful.

Gotta go now! I feel really sleepy as I spent an hour at the gym today. Really tired, but worth it.
Speaking of which, have you read bout my #ProjectSexy post? If not, see how my body transformed from chubby-chubby to toned and healthy.
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by Paolo Peralta


Rhea Bue said…
Ganda baaaabbbeeee!!!! so sexyyy!! I love how you styled this peplum top! bongga! <3
so nice! i love the mix of the peplum top and the skirt, it goes too well, ^_^
Franc Ramon said…
You look tall with this outfit plus your thinner frame seems to add height too.
Hannah said…
Love the skirt! Ang galing, thrifted lang. Maybe I should visit a thrift shop one of these days. :)
as always, very chic. Love the whole outfit and hooray for that affordable shoes. :) - kenny @
Green Monday said…
it doesn't need so much photo editing since the picture says it all. i also buy from thrifty store especially if there is a good sale. mom needs to be thrifty now a days :) Nice combination.
Shachi Sharma said…
very nice pictures! I always love fashion, the shoes are in
new trends, others might be seen from the past decades but they are still in
trend today.

Keep posting new pics and will keep posted.

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