Why I Never Smiled: A Photodiary of An Ugly Duckling

I know its not a Thursday for a throwback post but because my braces (on my upper teeth) were just removed yesterday, I felt a little sentimental and decided to take a look back on how I look years ago. During the time when I could not fathom to smile cause my teeth were crooked,  and why for many years, I've worn this "papaya smile."
These photos date way back in 2006-2008, a time where I only smile on photos when there's flash. Flash tends to bend the light and somehow conceal my sungki. My family cannot afford then to pay for my braces before so when I started working, getting braces became a priority.
Papaya Smile -- Pre-Braces era.
Papaya Smile -- Braces era
My braces gave my mouth that awkward look when closed. So most of the time I have that pouty, protruding smile because I had to cover my huge teeth and the braces that comes with it. My dentist wanted me to show my step by step "progress" so here, for the first time in my blogging life, I shall show them to you. Haha
I decided to make braces as a gift to myself on my 23rd birthday -- it was also the time when my skin was reacting and pimples were coming out of my face. For me it was the year that I was the ugliest. (Good thing Paolo never left me!)
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This is what you call a #throwback. Haha!

I'm really glad that I can now smile completely and fully. I have been very insecure with my teeth (for 26 years!) and now I'm glad that a part of that insecurity was gone. I'll be forever grateful to our family friend, Dra Cora Abing for fixing my teeth (even though I'm so stubborn to have it adjusted!) and making me look beautiful. Every penny spent was worth it :)
Hope you liked this post!
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Kat Valdez said…
No, you're not ugly. You're beautiful inside and out! <3
But after the braces.... YOU ARE WAY TO BEAUTIFUL TO BE A BRIDE. <3

Anna Alexis said…
I guess we all have those moments when we feel our ugliest but syempre, that will never be the reason for our Prince to leave us!! And what's important is the inside <3

haha sabi ni paolo investment daw ako! panget sa una gumanda sa huli (ang sama lang haha) :D thanks anna!! <3
haha thanks babe! <3 I miss you na :) hope you're doing okay! see you soon? :)
Eyah said…
wow! I dont smile on pictures too :) I had one more year to go or braces.. congratulations I know how it exactly feel! ;) Being braces is a tough one seriously its not easy at magastos :)
StyleKikay said…
Not naman ugly even before...you are very pretty. Of course, prettier now kase your teeth were all fixed. I can really see the transformation and it's amazing how braces can do. My hubby did the same thing and was told to keep wearing retainer after taking his braces off. But since he is a stubborn guy, he never did so now I can tell his teeth are not that straight as before...Anyway, thanks for sharing. It's nice to know more about you. :)

mitchteryosa said…
Naku ako din ganyan pero deadma, smile kung smile haha! Mine naman eh nasa labas ang sungki and the dentist told me na kelangan talagang may bunutin kahit pa i-braces. So there, nag-iisip pa din ako haha! Parang sobrang kagandahan ng ngipin ko eh no para pag-isipan pang i-let go hahahaha!

You're pretty even before, cute nga eh parang Carmina V. lang nung araw. But you're prettier now syempre with no crooked tooth.
Mish Rendon said…
I, too, had sungki ngipin. Worse pa sayo! Nakakainsecure talaga siya lalo na sa photos. Buti na lang may braces na. :D Ang blooming mo ngayon, Rovie!

XO, Mish @ http://www.mishrendon.com
michymichymoo said…
Believe me, your crooked teeth wasn't so bad. :) But it's nice that you've had it fixed. :) I'm looking forward to more photos of you smiling. :)
cherry said…
By looking at your pic before, mejo bilog ang shape ng face. Ang galing tlaga ng effect ng braces, naging oval ang shape ng face. Then parang tumangos yung nose;)
ging valdez said…
You still look great wearing braces on...
Rhea Bue said…
nakoooo!! ganda mo pa rin since before babe!! and so payaaat pa! gosh you're so adorable! nakakagigil! <3
heartofatigress said…
Ang cute mo nga kahit may braces o wala eh!
Sai Sayson said…
I have braces too but have to remove it when I was pregnant and I'm planning to get them back soon. Ang tamad ko lang pumunta sa dentist haha. With or without braces, pretty ka par in naman pero I'm happy that your teeth is okay na :)
Sam Lanuza said…
Amazing :) You are pretty Rovie dear inside and out. Your pre braces era defined your youth something to look back to :))
Helen Blas said…
but you weren't ugly to begin with!! I think you're pretty! :D mas blooming lang ngayon!
Cai said…
I love how honest you are Rovie!
Anyway, I have always wondered why you always wear that papaya smile when you have that nice, sincere smile to begin with, may story pala! Pero maganda ka talaga girl, sungki or not ----jackpot si fiancé sa'yo! :)
Franc Ramon said…
Congrats on being braces-free and you actually have a nice smile and even better now.
Vonae Deyshawn said…
Thanks for sharing this! I'm currently feeling like the ugly duckling. I've been putting off getting braces forever but am determined to finally do something for myself and fix the spacing on my upper teeth. It takes a lot of courage to share something so personal to you. Thanks!

Vonae Deyshawn
Lovelee said…
This is such a sincere post. Thank you for sharing to us your pre and post braces story =)
Angelique Misa said…
You're pretty with and without your braces. Hehe. Way back in high school, i thought having braces was for "porma" only. Later did I realized that it's more than that. :D Hehe
Green Monday said…
my sunki happens to be on my front teeth so it was really arrgh , i decided to just let them extracted since i don't have the money to get braces since my income from my part time job goes to my education. I rarely smile with open teeth too, i don't know if i can still able to smile just as your smile but who cares, my husband doesn't mind and for sure your hubby to be wouldn't mind if you don't have any teeth at all, she would still love you as you :)
Maia Rose said…
For some, having a "sunki" is actually attractive and I could say you were pretty back then and definitely prettier now!My aunt is a dentist so she was very strict about our teeth...I remembered back then, watching Tv while making "hila" my loose tooth..so that I will not have a "sunki". My aunt knows we could not afford paying for braces so she really made sure that I pull my loose tooth before another one goes out.. ..guess it was worth it in the end...
Mei said…
I have the same sentiments here, because my teeth aren't perfect too. I also want to have braces but yes, it's very expensive. And I can imagine how hurtful it would be. So I decided to just wait and save until I could afford. I can manage to smile pa naman despite of my teeth, but I don't want to make it worse so I am really saving for it. Besides, I have more priorities than my teeth, which make me sad. :( Haha.

And wow, you're so brave to post your pre-braces photos. You're still beautiful even with your crooked teeth, no wonder your hubby is always there for you. Besides, looks won't always be the basis of love, right? :)

This is so inspiring. I want to have beautiful teeth too :)


NinaMercado said…
Ang ganda na ng teeth mo! Haha I have braces too, can't wait for them to be removed din. Congrats you're now graduated from having braces! :>
Ysabel Vitangcol said…
I had the same dilemma as you did when I had braces. Beautiful teeth now!! <3 <3

Arra said…
You look amazing Rovie! I agree with some of the comments pretty ka na before tapos you're in bloom pa ngayon! Go beautiful bride!

Style Reader
Marie ♡ said…
AHhh! What a lovely transformation Ate! :)

Like you, I also have a crooked teeth and now that I am working, I am saving up for my braces in my upcoming 20th birthday! :)

This post of yours inspired me! ♥


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