Hoping for the Best

Wow. I'm wearing fur in Manila. Its not surprising for the past four days, it has been raining heavily here in Manila and have affected areas devastatingly. Sometime this month last year, habagat also infested Manila and destroyed a lot of areas. I just got out of the hospital back then (got confined from dengue) and my family and I were not able to head home to Malabon cause it was flooded already. So my family and I ended up staying here at Paolo's house, where the next day, the flood was neck deep.
Fortunately, things were not as worse as last year. The floodings in our area are much lower level (knee deep) which is suprising for someone who lives in Malabon. However, I'm really saddened cause a lot of areas in the south and east are down with flood. I know how depressing it is see your house submerged in flood and it was heartbreaking for us back then. Presently I am thankful that the Lord has protected us this year, however for those who are affected with habagat / Typhoon Maring this year, my prayers are with them.
Top: Thrifted || Skirt: SM GTW / Redhead
If you are wondering how come the photos are a bit dark, that is because Paolo and I took them yesterday afternoon when the downpour stopped for a while. The clouds were so dark that we had a hard time getting a good light for my outfit shot.
Headpiece: The Bead Diary
The weather has been so gloomy since yesterday that's why I added a little color on my outfit to atleast brighten up the mood. The pink skirt and the wreath did most of the talking actually. Although when Paolo and I left the house, I changed into flats so I can walk comfortably.
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Right now, I am very much grateful to the concern that my employer, Unilab shows to us. We have work cancellation since Monday and I receive messages checking us for concerns. Since we also expeienced how it is to be devastated in flood, we also let some victims of fire and flooding here in Parkway Village to stay here at Paolo's house until the flood and fire at their area subsided. Hands down to his family.

Anyways praying for a better weather tomorrow. May God bless us all. Praying for the Philippines.

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll
Photos by Paolo Peralta


RebelSweetHrt said…
One thing I like about this kind of weather, I get to wear my trench coats. Haha.
Stay safe out there!
Mhisha said…
I like the outfit! So girly~ I also really hope that the weather would be better tomorrow.
venussmileygal said…
Your fur top reminds me of my brown fur top that my cousin took with her when she left to Alaska. Its sad that I havent made an OOTD post of it though. But I just comfort myself saying that it well warmth her up when winter comes in Alaska. :)
MissApriil said…
What a cute, preppy outfit sis!!! Nung single pa ako (talagang single ang term eh noh, hehe), mga ganito din sinusuot ko, maliit pa waistline ko before eh :| :))
Yummy Tales said…
Cool Outfit! I am glad you recovered from dengue and Paolo's family are so kind and helpful to people in need.
Jacky Moraleda said…
Bettymae yung fur mommy! <3
Franc Ramon said…
The rains have been unforgiving lately and with a much colder weather comes more option to add more layers in the outfit. I also saw Unilab's tweet to you. =>
You still look pretty and fashionable despite the bad weather. I am hoping for a better weather tomorrow. :)
Kim Nieves said…
omg sis, you look so stunning in your fur sweater! Stay safe & stay fab!! =) ♥♥♥
MsEarth Rullan said…
I love your top! and your neccklace! I love employers who are considerate of their employees especially on a crazy rainy day like today
i love you top and your shoes, My prayers goes out to those who are flooded
Geoff Ledesma said…
ooohhh fuzzy! I didn't know a hippie headpiece can e work with a fur sweater.
Gen-zel said…
Love the outfit most esp. the sweater. Where is Bead Diary located? I love your headpiece here too! <3
Rhea Bue said…
ganda babe!!! love the headdress and the sweater <3
Kath Rivera said…
love the fur, how i wish makapag suot din ako nyan :) The wedge, comfy ba sis? pag kasi 4 inches na wedge na sakit na sa feet ko :(
sherlaine sayo said…
I love the fur top! <3

.never settle for less.

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