Honestly, this is the first ever MAX FACTOR lipstick I've owned. I was then intimidated with Max Factor as I've always thought of it as one of those high end, sophisticated brands.Good thing, Robinsons Department Store is having its Beauty Fair that I am finally able to get a Max Factor lipstick for myself, in a much lower cost.
So let me share with you what I think about the product. Let's start with the swatches, shall we?
For you guys to appreciate my review, let me share with you how my lips look like without any product on. Now, let us first begin how the product looks like with flash
First of all I love how the shade is more on the wine shade. This is the kind of red that I would not mind wearing at work. It is striking enough to be noticed, but not to loud to make it look inappropriate. Well in summary, I would be using this over and over again because:
* I love the red-wine color of the shade -- which is perfect for work
* the lipstick is highly moisturized and I did not need to worry about lip drying / chapping
* Despite not being a matte finish, it actually lasts longer relatively to other moisturizing lipstick
* Does not have an unecessary smell 
* neat, professional packaging
Now, without flash
* according to some reviews, this shade is not highly pigmented and takes a number of application to achieve the full color on the lips. Well, it took me to swipes to achieve the nice, red wine look. However I would still use this cause this is one of those few lipsticks that does not dry my lips even after hours of application.

Here's my complete look. Love how it looked very appropriate for work, right?

Hope you liked this post!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Yette said…
Nice review. You look so pretty with that lippie ^_^
Dhadha G. said…
Would love to try this. Love the shade! It looks good on you btw. :)
RebelSweetHrt said…
Your skin is glowing sis! At ang mga pores, nasaan?! Hehe. Such a beautiful bride-to-be, you woman you! :D
Jannie Joshelle said…
This is a really lovely shade on you! You totally rock it!
It doesn't seem to stain evenly, but at least it's such a wearable version of wine :P
Sam Lanuza said…
hinanap ko ang pores mo bigla dahil sa comment ni Czjai. haha I am also intimidated by Max Factor and I don't own anything from them. haha I like the shade on you not too bland and not too loud. You're right the shade of red for the office :)
Lean Lacaba said…
i just currently bought this, but I've never used it. Haha. nice review!
Mitch Carvalho said…
The color suits you well, as always.
RalucaLC said…
I really like the color. It is something that I would wear it too.
Poised In Print said…
Good looking swatch. I thought it would be more vibrant on. You're right, it's a good color for work or out to play.
hanaiyzm said…
Beautiful color on you!!
My favorite max factor products are the max factor long lasting foundation and max factor false lash effect mascara ^^

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