Curlin' It!


If you are a fan of Simone Fashion Closet's cobweb necklace, I'm sure you'd easily recognize that my headpiece is actually a necklace. I love doing this to a lot of things -- using necklace as a headband, a belt to a bracelet, a dress as a top / skirt and much more. For this particular day, I decided to play around with this super cute necklace and use it as my headband for a change.
It was actually one of those lazy days where I find comfort in denim shorts and flowy top. Good thing I decided to accessorize in red accents for some pop of color!
Top: Paradise Treats | Denim Shorts: DIY
Necklace: Simone Fashion Closet
Shoes: Jacky Moraleda
Ice Watch
Aaand that's me in my machoe-est, jacku Lour blanco-est photo ever.

Now you know why I entitled this post as Curlin' It.
Haha! Enjoy your Sunday guys!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll
Photos by Paolo Peralta


Rhea Bue said…
ang cuuuute mo dito babe!!! :D super ganda ng cobwebs design ni Denise! love love this look.. perfect combo! :D <3
Angelique Misa said…
I am a fan of Simone's closet I have a cobweb same as yours pero blue siya. hehe Nice shoes and watch :)
denise said…
ang cute mo babe!!! I miss you na hehe :) super touched ako seeing you wear the cobweb again! :) diretso paprint na to for my bazaar displays haha :)
Kath Rivera said…
Dear, I envy your arms. Kahit maskels na yan maganda tignan kesa naman flab. Lapit na wedding mo and wag pa pressure masyado ha. Ang sexy mo na nga e. We all love cobweb necklace noh? hello Denise^^
Arra said…
Ang ganda ng toned arms! Nako I'm working on it! LOL! That's also a habit of mine. I used dresses as tops and finding other ways to maximize an accessory! Love the hipster look Rovie!

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