Floral Party

By now you have probably guessed my favorite color. Yes, its pink - or any shade near pink. That is why when I'm in the need to look girly for a specific occassion, my standard would have to be pink. But, if I have to look extra girly things get worse than pink -- its pink and florals.
Skirt: SM GTW (Betty)
This is one of the few occurences I've done a floral on floral look and I'm not quite sure if this look worked. Since I'm really afraid to do print on print, my rule is just simple -- to wear the print in print in a similar shade. In this case, its pink.
Floral Blazer: SM GTW (Redhead)
The blazer is just lovely that it can actually be worn on casual dates, on mall hopping and even to power up the corporate dressing. Well, it actually rained a lot last Saturday when I wore ensemble this to my pink parlour nail deluxe treatment thus the blazer helped a lot to keep me warm. I still looked really summery despite the weather!
Top: H&M
Shoes: Juan (Janylyn)
Just a couple of photos showing some the muscles I've been building from my hardcore workout.
Aaand an open mouth, slouchy, stolen pose to cap my post!
Speaking of workout, had an intense one earlier so gotta go to bed now! Hope you liked this post!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by Paolo Peralta


Poised In Print said…
Florals are such a feminine touch. For the past few seasons, they've made a huge impact on fashion. You look just darling.
Sam Lanuza said…
You rocked the floral to floral combination Rovie. Loving the shoes and your last pose. hihi
Mitch Carvalho said…
Love the shoes but I don't think I can wear pink. My daughters would probably stare at me and say "Mama, we want that!" Hahaha!
Franc Ramon said…
What a pretty flower you are. The floral attire looks both formal and casual at the same time.
Rhea Bue said…
ganda babe!! bagay na bagay sayo yung prints!! :D buti ka pa.. you can pull florals on florals perfectly! :)
phyaboo said…
Girl super fit mo na talaga!!!

P.S. You should rock print on print more often :)

Yette said…
Ooh, love the shoes, they're so pretty,. You look good wearing prints :)
Eyah said…
girl, ang cute mo talaga sa pink. :) mestiza mo kasi :) Pag sakin mukha akong nene agad :) hihih!
Yesha said…
Love the blazer sweetie tho I like your outfit without it smexy :)

I love PINK too cheers!!!

Gen-zel said…
Pink looks good on you! Almost any shade because you're so fair and clothes go with your skin tone very well. I love that blazer! <3
Sai Sayson said…
Love this outfit and you rocked the floral on floral look ;) Great job hon!

Fashion by Sai, http://www.fashionbysai.com
Charmaine Manansala said…
i am dying over the skirt! i love it!!!!
that blazer is super gorgeous! Love the color and the floral pattern. :)
megannmonday said…
Cute! I remember doing a post like this, too, some time last year. Floral blazer, floral skirt, and even a floral (well, more like paint splashes) top :p Haha random. Great minds think alike! Love ya sister!

xx Megann, Style Surgery
Pretty Ugly said…
The skirt! the jacket! The shoes! <3

And yay to your lovely smile! :)

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