Hair Tutorial: DONUT BUN

Putting my hair on a bun is my savior on lazy days. Whenever I feel that my outfit is a little boring, I put my hair on huge bun to make my look more striking. The question is, how can you make one? Well, here's a little tutorial I made for you guys.
Good thing Claire's (located at SM North Edsa Annex) have this huge donut bun make that you only need this, an elastic band and some bobby pinks (for security). All you need to do is to follow these easy steps:
1. Using your elastic bands, secure your hair on a ponytail
2. Once your pony tail is secured, insert the hair in the middle of the donut bun.
3. Place the bun on top of the hair, spread the hair evenly onto the bun
4. Roll the bun donwards til you reach the pony tail.
6. Secure the bun with another elastics or bobby pins
7. Voila! Your bun is good to go. If your bun is messy (just like this) you can repeat steps 1-6. But if everything is done appropriately, here's how the bun would look:

Hope you like this post!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


I love putting my hair up in a bun too! :D I use a cord of sort though which I still need to bend into a circle to make a donut. I think it's a better hair tool to use for those like me who have thin locks. If only I have thicker hair, I'd gladly use that donut bun too! ^^ Lakas maka-Koreana lalo na if messy bun!
Rhea Bue said…
I've been waiting for this! Now I know how to use my donut from pinkbox. hihihihi :D
shopgirljen said…
Been trying to perfect my bun when my hair was longer. D ko sya magawa ng elastic band lang. Good thing may ganito na. This will do the trick! Loveeeet! :))
Charmaine Manansala said…
LOVE itttt :) great tutorial hun! i love how big your bun is!!!
Anne said…
I've seen a lot of bun tutorials but I'm still confused how the excess hair is hidden when you let it lay flat downwards. What a slowpoke I am, haha! Nice bun you got here (;

perfect bun! i have one as well and very useful specially when i travel to those hot countries that i cant bear to put my hair down!
Jam Daquio said…
i stroll at claire's last monday but i didnt see this. ang mamahal ng mga goodies doon eh. haha. kuripot lang
MsEarth Rullan said…
very nice post sis now if only I had my longhair hahahaha
Lean Lacaba said…
this is perfect for a "classical ballet" look when I perform. it's cool :)
yes! thanks :)
okay lang mother hot naman ang curls mo :D
a bit. its at the back. bought it by chance lang :)
yes super statement din! :) thanks beb!
haha i might try to video it for better instructions :D
its because of the bun maker ;) thanks :)
yes!! thanks mother jen :D
hihi! go!!!!!!!
yes with glasses and colorful outfit korean na ;) thanks sumi!
leny elmedo said…
its a nice post sis! never knew it is called a donut bun! lols! i learned with this post! thanks!
jo-anne wong said…
Thanks for sharing this. I have one exactly like yours :) bought it last year sa china. I love this hairstyle but i dont how to do it. Lol. Try ko later to do you tutorial.

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