Loreal Professionel Korean City Style --- Gangnam Hairstyle!

If you'd ask me if I prefer straight hair or curly hair, I'd say curly. For someone who has super thin hair like me, curls is my way of tricking people to make my hair look thicker. Moreover, I have an oval shaped face and a wide forehead, thus curly hair somehow hides that imperfection. 
The ever gorgeous bebe doll who definitely looked like a doll after her makeover session!
However for the past years that I have been getting my usual perm fix, I usually go to cheap parlors where they treat my hair with that strong smelling chemicals and pink curlers (girls I know you get the picture) so I could save money. However, the big consequence I face after is dealing with super tiny curls and really damaged  hair cause of the harsh treatment.
With the advent of the KPOP trend, I got really curious on how I can get that soft and big curls that Korean popstars have. Good thing Loreal Professionel has launched 3 hairstyles that show edgy, luscious curls while maintaining the hair's health and shine. Those are Busan, Gangnam & Hong Dae Style.
BUSAN STYLE (P2,800) - Artsy, romantic, bohemian vibe bubble perm look inpired by the artistic city of Busan
GANGNAM STYLE (P8,000) - glamour chic see through perm look that easily blends into the richest district in Seoul
HONG DAE STYLE (P2,800) - youthful, cute perm inspired by the trendy and funky babe of Hong Dae
Since I have long hair, I got the Gangnam Style. Of course, as to all other salon treatments, it all started with a nice shampoo (say hello to ate!) and a great layered cut by my stylist, Rey (who is based in Makati and Malate branch).
Goodies from baker street. Yummy cupcakes!
Hello Catch and Mikki!
After shampooing and trimming, the product was applied to my hair and was left for about 20 minutes.
Then my hair was curled using this weird looking gadget. :p
Shampooed then meticoulusly blow-dried to perfection
But wait! After the whole process, our looks were completed with a makeover from MAYBELLINE!
The final product with my stylist, Rey
Bloggers with stylists and Tony & Jackey's Vice President: Mr. Sky Park

However the perming process does not end there, to consistently achieve the Korean look, here are some of the tips using  L’Oreal Professionnel products:
1. Towel dry hair and blow-dry it with an application of both Mythic Oil and Tecni.art full Volume Mousse to build up the foundation of bouncier looking curls.
2. To provide extra hold for shorter hair, apply Tecni.art Playball Density Material for the idea Busan and Hong Dae Style.
3. For the Gangnam style, add extra hold by spritzing Elnett Spray to lift and hold longer length hair.
4. Finish off the three Korean City Style looks with a pump of Tecni.art Crystal Gloss for added shine.
After 3 days, here is how my perm looks like (without blow dry, just normal air drying and Loreal Tecni.Art Mousse:
Soft, big and relaxed curls! Love it :)

For more information about Loreal Professionel Products, visit the following sites:

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Love you!!!!!! :)


Raych said…
looks so good on you!! :)
Rhea Bue said…
sooo envyyy you.. ang ganda ng hair mo!!!! :D How I wish I got permed too.. nakalibre na sana ako ng 8kiaw :)) next year magpapaperm na akoooo :D
RebelSweetHrt said…
Makes me miss my long hair! I had curls like that before I got my hair pixie-fied, haha!
Ganda mo teh! :)
Gen-zel said…
That's exactly what i want with my hair. Too bad I can't afford it yet, it's 8k. It looks good on you. The moment I saw your other post and noticed your hair, I looked for this makeover post on your blog. I bet you're s 101% happy with the results :)
Arnie Villanueva said…
SEXY AND GANDA MO FOREVSSSS ♥ So sad I missed this! Grabe traffic that day huhu
Patricia Tan said…
I really miss my curly hair. But but I don't think i'm pretty ready to curl it again but I so want that kind of curl. hehe siguro soon! Super worth it ang 8k! :)
MsEarth Rullan said…
love love love the curls :)sexy and relaxed curls
Lili09D said…
Love it, sis! L'oreal's offering free color din for the Chorale but I have class. :(( HUHU SAYANGGG </3
Claire said…
Never tried curling my hair before, I considered that thought but my friends wouldn't agree. So I didn't, I dyed it instead :d
Wow you guys look really good. Curls look good on you :)

Franc Ramon said…
You looked a lot younger with the new hairdo.
jang geun gulk said…
Amazing hairstyles,i love it,but i need the latest haircuts for 2014.

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