The Fit Bride

I was in Tagaytay when I wrote this post. Since Paolo and I have about 3 months left before our big day, we are now in the stage where we have to fix details for our wedding. We both came from our interview with our priest (for some rehearsals and reminders) and this is it -- the wedding is really happening.
Shoes: Nike
You all know that I started this #ProjectSexy thing for me to get fit (well honestly sexy) on our wedding day. Since the day is getting near, I am more pressured to increase my workout and improve my diet. However I am somehow satisfied on the improvement I see on my figure and I get more inspired to workout, not just for the wedding but to be fit and healthy for my future family.
I wore this outfit last Friday when I attended the Loreal Korean Hairstyle at Tony & Jackey Timog thus the nice hair. I was actually wearing something on top of this sports bra (cause I even went to attend the body balance class after the event) but for OOTD purposes, I modified my look.
Top: Cotton On || Skirt: Forever 21
So when I went to the gym, I just changed my leather skirt to my sport shorts for the balance class. Lately I've been loving outfits like this.
My hair is just heavenly! Would write about my GANGNAM LOREAL HAIRSTYLE on the blog soon!

Special mention to Rhea Bue for these set of outfit photos. I love it when Rhea takes my OOTD cause she exerts extra effort in editing it :) (Though she told me she did not edit the abs part!) Haha!!

Again many thanks bebe doll for this set of gorgeous photo. I love you! Thanks for the photo effects too :)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


BelleB said…
gustong gusto ko lang sis ang #projectsexy.. sana kaya ko din gawin.. :) goodluck sa pagpupursigi mo pa sa susunod na mga months. :)

ganda ng arms mo btw,
Jam Daquio said…
your hair is so ganda! :) pang commercial model ang last pic.
Charleen said…
you look so different! so pretty with the nice hair, teeth and fit body! :) you were very pretty before too. :)
RebelSweetHrt said…
Your toned abs are to die for! :)
Franc Ramon said…
Nice to see you well toned now. You'll not only be a pretty bride, you'll also be a sexy one.
michymichymoo said…
I hate you now. I super duper hate you and your abs.
MsEarth Rullan said…
no editing needed for that abs! love love love!
Gen-zel said…
Wow! I envy you. I can't workout lately due to busy schedule. Your body looks well toned and you're sexier. Loving your hair too! <3
Green Monday said…
what a great abs :) It pays to work hard and i guess with the kids and still no house help, i can never find time to hit the gym. You look great on that hair too
Dhadha G. said…
You look gorgeous sis! I envy your abs! And your hair.. and ganda! :)

<3 Dhadha |
Rhea Bue said…
bongggaaaa!!! awaited post ko toh!!! :D super sexyyy mo beh! as in!!! color tones lang talaga edito ko dito..promiiseee.. :D
Sai Sayson said…
Wow! You already! Haha! I love the hair and it's good that you're trying to be fit. I guess that's more important than being sexy. Being sexy is a bonus na lang and you're doing a great job. I'm also trying my best to be fit.

To fitness and beyond! :)
Jadey G Samson said…
You look great! I am sure you would look fab in your wedding day!
Patricia Tan said…
Naww pretty! The hair plus the body? It seems that you're pretty ready with your wedding day! Yay! Congrats in advance Rovi! <3
Kim Nieves said…
You're so sexy sis, pangarap ko din magkaroon ng abs hahaha. Lovin the gym outfit too :)

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