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The past three gloomy days has influenced me to be in comfortable wardrobe. For the next set of outfit photos I'll post, I'll be in sweater outfits for (1) I really cannot tolerate the weather, (2) they are so comfy that I did not bother styling them up. 
Anyways despite the heavy rains we have experienced the past weekend, (counting today as a holiday, of course), I still managed to find time to attend 360 Fitness Club's Zumbathon. You know I can't survive a week without working out for 4-5 times so this Zumbathon event capped off my workout week (I usually rest and cheat on Sundays). Since this was an open event, I dragged Jacky Moraleda and Christine Liwag (both fitness addict) with me, danced for a couple of hours and eat out after.
Since I do not have a nice outfit after the gym, here's what I came up with using the clothes I found inside my gym bag -- tank top, leggings, rubber shoes and Paolo's hoodie!
Leggings: Random || Shoes: FILA
Top:H&M || Hoodie: Paolo's

I intentionally made my tank top hanging cause I know my outfit would be boring if I wore it as it is. With the absence of accessories and almost minimal makeup, I just let my wardrobe do the talking. Anyways here's a little tidbit of what happened last Saturday:
Zumbathon Participants
Sweaty but fulfilled Zumbathon classmates, Tin and Jacky!
After 2 hours of Zumba, I also did 360's Workout of the Week: Burpee to straight leg situps, offset 90 degrees squats, windmill, pushup to renegade row (with 15lbs weight) then 16kg swings and grid tucks for 5 minutes. Sorry for my super haggard face.
Then our post workout meal at KOZUI (my all time favorite) after!

Anyways, have to end this now! Hope you liked this post. Please stay safe guys!
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll
Photos by Paolo Peralta


Charmie Lising said…
Ang intense ng abs nung isang girl sa zumbathon class photo! Haha
Christine Liwag said…
Love this! Can't wait for our next fitness date! :">
yes! she's one of the contenders sa 360 ambassador thing :D super fitspiration ko sya haha
me too babe!!:D
Carizza Chua said…
boyfriend's hoodie for an outfit post. hehe nice idea!
Charmaine Manansala said…
NICE outfit!!!
i can NEVER work out in anything but shorts haha I get too hot O.O;
But your outfit is cute and looks like you had fun :D hehe
Yette said…
Love the outfit! Specially your shoes! ^_^
RebelSweetHrt said…
At first I thought you were wearing a UP Maroons hoodie, hehe. I was gonna ask sana where you bought it lol. :)
omg! whatta nice workout outfit haha ako wlng kaeffort effort mgoutfit sa gym haha. i love renegade row too! i do it with mountain climber then proper push up then plank then stand up and do full squat. I cant wear pants like that though, unless my tali hehe keep it up babe!
jonathan nava said…
nice work-out really fit's you..also a good exercise during this rainy days
Hannah said…
I admire your dedication to working out! I have tried too many times and have given up too many times as well haha. Maybe I just need to find a working routine that suits me. I love the hoodie! :)
Rochelle Rivera said…
You inspired me so much to workout. You look really great and I am sure you will be the most beautiful bride. ♥ Good luck Rovie! Keep inspiring.
Kath Rivera said…
Sexy!!!! Grabe, sobrang naiinis na ko sa sarili ko kasi hindi ko na continue yung sinimulan ko nung summer. I'm also close to having my dream bod ( lapit na sa yung abs ko) hehehe kaya lang gusto ni hubby na mag baby na kami. So eto, naghihintay. Pero I'm happy for you dear. Nasaksihan ko lahat ng hirap mo :)
Mhisha said…
Super nice!!!! >.< I always plan to workout kahit twice a week pero hindi ko alam kung bakit di ko sya matuloy. I think kulang ako sa dedication. LOL. I like your outfit btw.
charchar said…
You inspired me to apply for a workout! I saw your photos with Rhea and I like your abs, totally! I wish I can also achieved it someday. I like your gym outfit here!

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Lean Lacaba said…
I admire you for working out! As a student I don't have that kind of time(reasons). You have a great body! I love the shoes!
cristelle torres said…
Nice outfit! Hope I can wear clothes like that hahahaha. Though I'm working on it already hihihi.
Rogelio Olivar said…
Wow great work out program you got there...
wow! you look so fab! i love your body! nice workout!
MsEarth Rullan said…
on the road to sexy!

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