Sanuk Yoga Slings

When SANUK first arrived in the Philippined, I honestly thought that it was a men's brand. Probably because most of their collection are in earth colors. But when I was given a pair of Sanuk, my impression was changed. Sanuk is honestly one of the most comfortable pair of shoes / sandals I've ever worn. So everytime I think about giving my feet some comfort, Sanuk is the first brand that I consider.
However, Sanuk is now offering a different kind of shoe experience. Something that will make us feel as if we're stepping on a soft cushion-- just like a yoga mat.
They are called yoga slings. These sandals are soft enough to cushion each step but with enough resistance to make sure that the feet are not strutting on thin sheet of rubber.
Since I also do a lot of yoga lately, I am personally excited on how much comfort these slings will give my always tired feet.

With Sanuk Yoga Slings, I can probably do this without any mat:
I know my dancer's pose needs a lot more improvement :P

For more information about Sanuk, visit their pages:

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Kathy Kenny Ngo said…
I love it! I'm definitely getting one.
MrsMartinez said…
I wonder how much it cost?!


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