Top: Pretty Munchkin
Shorts: Thrifted
Shoes: H & M
Yet another cropped top outfit. This outfit is actually a break from my usual girly, feminine look. I was a bit surprised on how I looked on photos. I noticed how much weight I've lost from working out. Anyways, I'm thinking if I should add more workout or just maintain how I look now. I'm actually motivated to be more toned cause of the wedding. Would appreciate your advise, cause I don't want to look like a skeleton on my wedding day.

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll
Photos by Paolo Peralta


CJ said…
Love the booties!
Angelique Misa said…
Cool ng outfit! Sexy! :D
thanks babe :)
thank you CJ :)
Fan said…
I like your outfits, but just a tip... The first one here
thank you :)
StyleKikay said…
This outfit is really cool and sexy! You actually look okay with your body now but working out more to be toned then I don't see anything wrong with that. :)
ava te said…
Sexy naman!:) love the street style peg, babe!
Kim Nieves said…
OMG I super love your outfit!! ♥♥♥ You look so sexy and so lakas-maka-LookBook! Sakin ok na yung body mo, you have already achieved the "perfect body." =)
Kim Nieves said…
P.S. Your H&M "litas" are totally badass! I want a pair too! =) ♥♥♥
Lean Lacaba said…
ohemgee!pretty! you have the body to rock your rocking outfit! i love the shoes!
Olivia Carmella Cena said…
Your sexy and you rock! ❤
MissApriil said…
eeep >.< so sexy!!!!
Hazel said…
kala ko di ka na papaawat sa pag workout eh! :P for me okay na yan, maintain nalang :)
Franc Ramon said…
Your definitely fit enough for your wedding. This outfit highlights your sexy abs.
Aya said…
Naiinspire ako sa workout photos that you post! BTW, love your shoes!! Are they comfy to walk in?
Kelly Chin said…
you look good in that outfit.
ruthilicious said…
Hallo love!! I miss you!

I remember cropped top! Well.. someone is not very happy that I will be wearing cropped top around the metro. Boo..

Anyway, you are looking good as always dear! :)
Rhea Bue said…
Ikaw na ang sexyyy!!!! I love this look from top to bottom babe!! :D
MrsMartinez said…
I like the hat. Where did you get it?

Gellie Abogado said…
Very fierce, Rovie! I love the cropped top! :D

Kim Gonzales said…
Your abs look good na. Just work on toning your butt na lang. 👍
heartofatigress said…
Wow sexy! :)

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