Stylish Corporate

Honestly, when you see me at work I'm not super dressed up like how I'm in my usual blog posts. As a sales rep and always at the field, i tend to dress up comfortably and make sure that Im not overdressed whenever I visit hospitals. Most of the titime I am in my top and skirt combo with killer shoes. However, every once in a while its nice to dress wear something catchy at work but still maintaining that casual, corporate look. This detailed top I'm wearing is actually from: SM GTW / Soiree
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Steve Madden

If you've been noticing that i dont post a lot of corporate looks, that is because no one can take my photo while I'm at work. Unfortunately, Paolo's work shift is so erratic that moments like this rarely happens.
Anyhoo since I came from the gym my body needs to recharge now and get some rest. Sorry for this super quick post.  Much Love,
Bargain Doll
Photos by: Paolo Peralta


Raisa Mae Fernandez said…
You are good at rocking that studded top for corporate wear! Inviting you to join my book giveaway here:
Shugah Pauline G. said…
omg babe! Ang skinny mo na now! Motivate me tooooo! I badly need to be fit! haha ka inggit kayo ni pao! :S
Kelly Chin said…
love your outfit ~ stylish
Franc Ramon said…
You're now really much thinner now and the corporate look also suits you fine.
LJ Ocampo said…
so classy and stylish :) love those steve madden :)
phyaboo said…
Maybeeee, you should make a post dedicated to corporate dressing naman next time?
Jade said…
So simple and it definitely suits you.
I super love your thin body! perfect for your wedding! and that outfit really suits you! it's so classy and nice!
Mitch Carvalho said…
So chic! Love your accessories! =)
Rhea Bue said…
ganda babe!! love the combo here :D bet na bet ko tong look! :D
Angelique Misa said…
Love your look! Ganda ng combo niya with your accessories. hehe Nice top too :)
Em Adriano said…
Love this!! :) Thanks Rovie, I started working for a company that requires business casual looks, and you've been an inspiration for me! <3
Carizza Chua said…
hi maam, eto na po yung coffee nyo. haha i want that top rovie!!
Lean Lacaba said…
I love the combination! Plus you really rocked the look :)
RebelSweetHrt said…
Love the details on your top! :)
Gen-zel said…
I love the look sis! The shoulder details on your top, pretty! The combination is great too.
Hazel said…
ang classy!! bet ko 'to :D

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