That Denim Again

Yes I'm wearing the similar denim polo I wore in my CRAZY KIDS post. I never realized how versatile denim polos are until I pupurchased one from SM GTW / True love. Even with a slight effort in styling, denim pieces are stylish enough to make a statement. Thus, on lazy days like this, I can just wear my denim as blazer and look stylish in an instant. 
Shorts: Random
Top: Pink Pretty Fly | Watch: Rudy Project

Necklace: Simone Fashion Closet

Wearing it closed is also a good alternative. Expect this denim piece to make another appearance in my blog (cause its really versatile). Anyways, I have to cut this really short as I need to sleep. Im really tired froom all the work and workouta Ive done the past days.

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Jenniya said…
I agree with all you've mentioned. Denim is versatile. :) I love it closed like your last photo.

I am Jenniya
mitchteryosa said…
I love it closed. The necklace also matched well with it.
Rhea Bue said…
sooo sexxxyyy babe!!! I like the top!! <3 well the whole look actually.. <3
I guess I need to own one denim top. Love the look especially the denim top and the necklace. It created a whole new look when you closed it. :)
NinaMercado said…
I love Denims because it goes with anything! haha. I love that you paired it with florals it really goes well with the necklace. :)
Franc Ramon said…
Denims is always light on the eyes and is really fashionable.

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