The Working Doll

For someone who is employed, it is noticeable that I rarely post corporate outfits on my blog. Well I have a couple of reasons -- (1) Paolo (my photographer / fiance) is not with me at work and I don't have anyone else to take my photos; (2) I'm always dressed down at work cause I always have to move around the field. Thus, I only have a day or two where I'm in that "dressy" mood. Just like the day where Paolo took this set of outfit photos.
Honestly, I like wearing casual pieces to work. Aside from always making me feel comfortable in clothes, they are cute enough to be noticed. So instead of wearing those crisp white polos at work, I prefer wearing cutesy tops like this, and play around with it by wearing blazer and other accessories.
Blazer & Pants: Thrifted
Watch: ODM
Shoes: Shoo In
If you are wondering if I actually wore the hanging top the whole day, I did not! Wore it, meeting with my clients with the blazer button-closed. I won't be able to survive the day with all the teasing!

Hope you liked this short post. A bit tired from travelling to Tagaytay (for wedding related stuff) and gym stop over earlier this evening (as always).

Btw will be announcing my Bazaar for All Season winners tomorrow! Stay tuned! :)
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll
Photos by Paolo Peralta


Jacklynne L. said…
Gurl you are so pretty. May kamukha kang artista. Para si G Toengi ata? Hahaha. And I like your outfit!!! :)

What's your lipstick here? :)
StyleKikay said…
I like that cute top and the white should post more corporate outfits.
Mom-Friday said…
I was about to ask that - if you wore the hanging top in meetings, hahahah.... good you had your blazer buttoned down! :) Having a jacket like this is always a safe bet esp. for people in the corporate world. Now I miss my suits!
RebelSweetHrt said…
Love the prints on your wedges! :)
Shugah Pauline G. said…
and if were officemates id be willing to drive you home. I sound so tibo here baka bugbugin ako ni Pao. lol anyway, ang ganda mo babe and ang lsexy mo na!
love this look babe! nice sexy inside and corporate outside! love your shoes and watch too!
Awesome awesome outfit! Lovin' the casual top and the complementing blazer!
Franc Ramon said…
Rovie, The corporate fashionista.
Rhea Bue said…
So sexxxyyy and ganda babe!! love this look! <3
Cee said…
I love your shoes!!!!!! and also love your blog. :)
Pinayjade said…
I love this look sis, very demure!
Dhadha G. said…
Loving your pink floral top sis. Ang sexy lang! Tama nga lang na nka button-closed yung blazer while meeting with your clients bka ma distract sila if nka open tsaka makita yung abs mo. Haha! :)
Anne said…
The blazer and pants doesn't look thrifted at all! I haven't tried wearing blazers because I'm thin -- something that doesn't look good on me. I'm loving your permed hair, it looks so natural (;


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