Anniversary Outfit

Hello everyone!! I am so happy to be back! I'm sure you've noticed my lack of activity the past few days and that is because of my love-life related affairs. If you follow me on facebook or instagram, you'd know that last Saturday, Paolo and his family went to our house for the traditional pamamanhikan. Eventhough we have set everything already, his family decided to push through with it so our sides will have a chance to bond (over food and drinks) and get to know each other well. Also, Pao and I celebrated our 9th year anniversary last Monday (September 16). Imagine 9 YEARS!!
Yes, 9 years. Pao and I have been together since 2004 and there was never a moment where we broke up (well except for that rocky month in 2007 and 2009). Even the two of us couldn't believe the amount of time we've spent together as a tandem as we still feel like we've just known each other for a short amount of time. Anyways before I tell the love story that I'm reserving for a separate blog entry about our anniversary celebration, let me focus first on what I wore on our anniversary date. Since I did not take a leave from work and Paolo decided to accompany me the whole day, I decided to wear slacks (to look sleek while maintaining comfort) but added lace for that sweet, romantic look.
And came up with this rather simple but nicely put together ensemble. 
When I saw this pants at SM GTW Shopaholic section, I knew that I should get it! For a woman who wants to look sleek at work but maintain that youthful vibe, the pants are just perfect. The gold zipper and the texture of the pants are very fine details that never failed to catch people's attention. I remember a coworker asking if I got the pants from Zara or Promod and when I told them that its from SM GTW they were so amazed! Well I tell them that I find elegant, sleek pieces from SM GTW that are much affordable and are at par with the high end brands.

Top: Uniqlo || Shoes: Forever 21 || Bag: Coach
As usual, one of the biggest blogger problems is finding a great spot and obviously, Paolo and I took mine behind the wall but initially, we had a lot of test shots in Robinson's Magnolia veranda. Paolo decided to take mine against a plain background cause my outfit won't stand out in a busy background. Imagine Paolo being my personal alalay, photographer, on our anniversary day. Haha! 

Hope you liked this post! Can't wait to post more! :)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by Paolo Peralta


RebelSweetHrt said…
Love the bag, Rovie! And happy anniversary to you and Paolo! :)
Very nice getup! :) Are those shoes good for walking?
Kat Valdez said…
Sexy with pants!!!!!
Patricia Tan said…
I saw this blazer nung andyan ako but not my type haha but but the pants looks fierce! Appreciated that you post the details of it! Dun ko naappreciate yung pants haha :)
Shayne♥ said…
love love your outfit. i like the pants and the jacket a lot and its nice that you paired with it a simple top :) its very sosyal <3
chamee pecson said…
I like your blazer! it's a combination of sporty and chic at the same time!
Franc Ramon said…
Happy 9th Anniversary and it's good that you've grown together over the years. It makes you both stronger.
Claire said…
9 years! Congratulations to both of you sis, nice outfit. I super love your blazer <3

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