Blue & Down with the Flu

Dress: Boardwalk || Shoes: Folded & Hung
Bag: SM Parisian || Watch: Rudy Project

Yes I'm currently down right now and not feeling well. My tonsils are hurting and as expected, I have a fever. I have so much to tell about this outfit but because of my not so good condition, I'm making this short. I wore this dress last weekend for our pre-anniversary dinner with my love at Robinson's Magnolia. I have worn this dress many times before but its only now that I was able to take a photo. This is one of my most favorite work / date dress for it makes me look formal, elegant and respectable at the same time. Plus, I got it at P500+ to a boardwalk  seller (and paid it at 2 gives!) -- a good deal right?

Anyways, cutting this short now and I have to go back to sleep. 

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


jaquiperez said…
ur so payat..huhu envy much! charrr! nice outfit rovie! :)
Raisa Mae Fernandez said…
Hope you get well soon, what can I say, you have a good eye for bargains! =D
ging valdez said…
the killer shoes..ahaha.I love the dress ms. Rovie.get well soon!
Tory Blum said…
My favourite is definitely the necklace! :)
I love your outfit! And the shoes make me drool! Love your dress too! I hope you get well soon! <3

Pauchee C.
wow envy you for wearing skirt like this! i can only wear maxi dress long skirt or pencil skirt but never near above the knee because of dark birth mark! get well soon babe! x0x0
Jam Daquio said…
whew!! my tonsils were hurt too but I drink salabat para mawala. you'll get better soon. :)
phyaboo said…
Get well soon! I'm definitely loving your dress, didn't know boardwalk sold elegant dresses like that :)
Claire said…
I agree, you look very elegant on that dress, Oh I hope you get well soon :)
Lean Lacaba said…
Get well soon! i love the dress :D

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