Whenever Bella is in charge of my outfit photos, she takes it on another level. For this photoshoot, Bella made me go up the tree to complete the goddess of nature theme of the shoot. Cause I'm an obedient model (and because I trust whatever Bella says when it comes to photos), I did climb a tree for the photo sake. Based on the finished photos, everything was worth it.
You know I'm usually serious on my OOTD sets but Bella wants me to smile on photos. So here are the better, happy photos Bella took.
I wish I could look like this everyday! Really, thank you Bella for always, always making me look my best!
Top: From Kat Valdez' Booth at BFAS
Dress used as skirt: Tomato || Shoes: Jellybean
Headpiece: Il Fiore

Look how scared Rhea was when I was climbing the tree -- all for the sake of OOTD! Haha (define buwis buhay)
Seriously, this shoot was so fun!

Cutting this short now. Hope you liked my buwis buhay, dyosa photos by Bella Morcen

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Jenniya said…
The pictures are great! And you look so pretty dear. :)

Visit my blog: I AM JENNIYA
Frances said…
I had fun looking at your photos!
You look so beautiful when you smile.
I hope you would do that often.
And yes, your outfit totally matches with the tree.haha
Now, you look like a goddess more than ever. :)
Nermin said…
Cute outfit :) hope you will take a look on my blog. Www.lovefashionhairnstyle.bLogspot.com
Franc Ramon said…
That was scary indeed, climbing a tree for an outfit post but you definitely had the aura of a goddess here.
Green Monday said…
it made me laugh on the last picture, i guess it's really scary to climb a kaimito tree because it's not as sturdy as the other tree but hey it's for ootd, LOL. you really look like a goddess here :)
Patricia Tan said…
I like this Rovie! Very goddess-y and look it's Rhea! Missing her a lot. Hope ma meet na kita! Me too, I love Bella's magic talaga!
Mish Rendon said…
That shoot looks like fun! You look very lovely, girl! :D

XO, Mish @ LBD and Onesies
Eyah said…
hahaha cute nung last photo :)

Your smile has changed na tlaga :) Anyway, I Really wanted to have a flower head dress, but I just commute so I'm wondering how I can wear it inside a jampack MRT ;) hihi

Love the skirt btw. :)
Gen-zel said…
Love your outfit here sis! The flower crown <3333 I wish my sister din ako so we can take photos of each other like you and rhea hehehe. ang cute niyong dalawa! :D
RebelSweetHrt said…
You go girl! Your efforts of climbing up a tree paid off indeed dahil ang ethereal ng dating mo sa photos! :)

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