Forever Summer

Watch: ODM || Shoes: Trunkshow || Bag: Coach

I never thought I'd fall in love with denim pieces until I discovered the beautiful pieces in SM GTW's True Love and Dollhouse. As I've said earlier in my previous blog post, it took me a lot of courage to wear denims for I had an awkward fashion sense growing up. Anyways, decided to pair my denim top with this super colorful skirt from Betty, (another SM GTW brand) to add color in my outfit. Colorful and girly has always been my style and regardless of the weather, I'd dress up as if its summer all the time. Honestly speaking, I sort of having a separation anxiety with my fashion style. You know in weeks time I'm getting married and my life will change forever. Its a point where I need to change -- be a grown up, act like a grown up and even dress up like a grown up. I'm thinking, should I also change my fashion style? Should I dress up more maturely or should I maintain my youthful, colorful style?

Thats just one of the million wedding related questions I have. Forgive me for having gazillion thoughts. Haha.

Hope you like this outfit post! and oh, Happy Halloween!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by: Paolo Peralta


Rhea Bue said…
Sobrang ganda mo babe! bet na bet ko tong look sayo!!!! :D
Jam Daquio said…
You've been really a fan of GTW. I also love their pieces! :)
Franc Ramon said…
You look so relax. Just means every detail for the wedding has been ironed out. Denims are definitely timeless.
Lau Ra said…
wow your outfit is so cute (: you look gorgeous !!!
Jenine Semilla said…
so blooming! :)
Irish Joy Perez said…
I love it the floral skirt with denim matching shoes, fashionably pretty!
RalucaLC said…
I really, really love the bag! Your outfit is so fresh and cute.
Frances said…
Love this look! So fun and girly too! :)

-xoxo, FRANCES

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