I'm a Thigh Warrior

You guys know how much I love being in the gym. If you follow me on instagram, you must notice the amount of time I spend weight lifting, dancing or doing anything extreme for fitness sake. Weird, but I find my source of comfort and joy in the four smelly, sweaty walls of gym. So when a good friend, Christine Liwag invited me to Planaforma's Zumba party last Thursday evening, I immediately said yes!!
I was so excited to dance with these lovely people -- Kelly, Tin, Nicole!
If there's one thing I love about Planaforma's Zumba Party, that is people REALLY EXERT EFFORT. I mean, from costumes to dance moves, everybody was giving their best. Just like how everybody customized their shirts to come up with their best Spice Girls costumes (see Christine's)! It was impressive! By the way, Tin, Kelly and Nicole were the ones to cut my shirt into fringes thus my hubadera sporty spice costume.

I tell you, that 1 hour Zumba routine at Planaforma was one of the most INTENSE Zumba sessions I had! It was fun dancing with a very energetic mentor and party with the crowd na super bigay na bigay. You wouldn't mind booty shaking, seriously!
This cute guy is the man behind our sweaty faces -- Gino Ong! According to Christine Liwag, he's the ultimate Zumba instructor. Aside from the fact na pagpapawisan ka sa cuteness nya, pagpapawisan ka talaga sa intense zumba moves nya. For intense cardio workout in a form of dance, Gino Ong's Zumba sessions at Planaforma is highly reccommeded!
Celebrity Spotting: Nikki Valdez
What's more fun with Zumba parties at Planaforma is they have a nice program afterwards. All the participants get to eat healthy post-workout meals and win prizes from a number of sponsors. Each of us went home with prizes and a loot bag with a number of nice items inside!
Kelly's shining moment when he was awarded as one of the best dressed in the party! Winner!
The people who wore the best Spice Girls costume for the night! 
It was indeed one of the most ENJOYABLE fitness parties I've ever attended! Planaforma does not only offer fitness, but they also offer that spirit of fun, camaraderie and friendship.

Thank you so much, Tin Liwag and planaforma for making me a certified thigh warrior! I'm looking forward to attend more intense Planaforma classes!

For more information about Planaforma and their programs, check their sites:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/PlanaFORMA/181502098550309
Twitter: https://twitter.com/planaforma
Instagram: http://instagram.com/planaforma/

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll
Photos are from me and some are grabbed from Christine Liwag


Christine Liwag said…
Thank you, love for this!! <3 I'm definitely bringing you back at Forma soon!! Hihi. :*
Rhea Bue said…
Wow! this is nice babe! :D I wanna try zumba too... hihihihih :3
I wanna try this too! I wonder if I'll last an hour! ~marynarvasa.com
Georgina Vogue said…
Very cool. Keep it up!!! Love to try it someday :)

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