Moving Forward

When we're faced with a problem, we have two ways to deal with it -- either you accept it then do something about it or dwell on it and feel sorry for yourself. Although ideally we advise people to face the challenge and act on it, sometimes we initially feel sad, cry and even lose our motivation. I must say that I have been feeling down (well really down) the past couple of weeks because of unwanted lapses and mistakes. They say work is just an aspect of one's life but for someone who's very emotional (and for someone who tries her best to please a number of people), you get affected when you disappoint yourself or other people. 
But as other people say, there are things we cannot control (especially the unfortunate things that has happened) but we can always control how we react on things. I may be feeling a little down right now, but after a series of long (and tiring) heart to heart talks with the people I trust the most, I can say that slowly, I can regain my confidence back. 
I know this is supposedly a fashion blog but this is also an avenue for me to pour my heart out. I know I'll get over this soon (especially that I have a supportive partner who is there for me through thick and thin) but I just hope all this will be over soon. I still have a wedding to prepare and I should be feeling more hopeful than negative, right?
Top: Creme Dela Femme || Leggings: Tiangge
Shoes: SM Parisian

Hopefully, you liked the outfit (although I was not able to talk much about it!)

Good night!
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll
Photos by Paolo Peralta


Charmaine Manansala said…
this is a pretty look hun :)

and aww keep your head up girl!!! <3 everything happens for a reason.

I live by this quote, "Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience." Victoria Holt
Sef T. said…
nice look rovie, simple yet florally awesome! anyhow, we cannot please everybody so chill out and smile!!:)
Raisa Mae Fernandez said…
The top and shoes match together, and you did a good job on your eye make up, parang celebrity talaga! =)
EM said…
love the top :)
Rhea Bue said…
wooot wooot!!! so sexyyy and hot mo dito babe!!! love the fit of the jeans on you!!! :D
phyaboo said…
I guess you have to go through hard times to be a better stronger version of yourself. I believe you have a strong support group Rovie, you'll get through it, I'm sure. :)
Kumiko Mae said…
I think your top is really nice. I'd wear it with a light cream skirt. :)
hanaiyzm said…
Be strong girl!!
And those shoes are too die for!!
Robi Marapao said…
Sometimes we're unaware that we've become better persons because of our past mistakes. Keep the faith and always believe in your self.
StyleKikay said…
I guess my comment didn't go through..oopps! Sorry! Anyway, like I said, no matter what it is just remember you are pretty and sexy! But just hang in there and everything will be okay. Hey, I love how you toned down your body... :) Those shoes are so girly I like it!
be strong and be positive babe!! ikaw pa! smile nah! When i feel down i always listen to those fave happy musics the whole day and sing my heart out! it works like wonder. love the shoes!
Franc Ramon said…
Life is always going forward and I'm sure you're in good hands and a bright future to look forward to. Great outfit again Rovie.

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