Yes! I love REPEATING clothes. Being able to recycle an outfit makes me feel creative and stylish cause I get to re-style clothes and make it look new! If you've noticed, I've worn this dress on this post and the skirt on this post. I super love the sleeveless detail of the dress cause it highlights my toned arms. (So you would definitely see me wear this dress over and over again!)
Ooops, the part of the dress was showing off! Hihi I'm sorry for that.

Well, I had to wear the blazer cause I was obviously wearing the outfit inside the mall and because I'm so lamigin I needed it to keep me warm. I hope you still like the outfit with it!
As always, my almost perky, happy pose!

Top: SM GTW (Betty) || Skirt: Pink Fashion
Shoes: Auztralian || Blazer: SM GTW (Redhead)

Gotta go now guys! xx
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll
Photos by Paolo Peralta


Yesha said…
Repeating clothes is never an issue as long as you can wear it fabulously it's fine and you did justice to it *wink

Love the dress hunn

Rhea Bue said…
sobrang ganda mo babe!!! I love this look on you!!! :D super bagay tong hair style sayo! :D kelangan ko na rin atang magpakasal to look as blooming as you babe! :D
Sam Lanuza said…
feeling ko ikaw si Julia Montes, Rovie dear. :)
fashionischeap said…
Loving this outfit! Your dress is such a nice piece that it looks good on its own or even with a skirt. Actually, it looks so stylish as an inner top too with the blazer on!

PS: Your arms look so toned! And super blooming ka sis Rovie!
That's cure, love your outfit
ava te-zabat said…
It looks pretty!!!:) I love you added a blazer!
Michael Macalos said…
lakas maka socialite ng mga poses Rovie! hahah loveeet!! :)
Jam Daquio said…
yeah. okay lang naman magrecycle. nsa nagdadala lang naman yan :)
ging valdez said…
Ang ganda ng bride to be.I love the skater skirt. and the flats.
Armel Madsen said…
cute outfit :)

Franc Ramon said…
I think you are good and creative at mixing and matching your outfits.

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