Save The Date! 11.16.2013 #TheUnionPaoloRovie

In less than a month, my whole life will change. 

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Em said…
love the prenup :))
Shugah Pauline G. said…
awwweee.. ang cute babe! So happy for you.
Franc Ramon said…
Congrats in advance. Time flies so fast and the wedding is happening real soon. Hoping for a happy life for both of you.
megannmonday said…
Kilig kilig! See you on the big day, my lovely sister! :)

x Megann, Style Surgery
Mei said…
I love watching Save The Date vids! Nakakakilig :))

Ang ganda ng video nyo! I like the concept. Lalo yung nakatingin ka sa labas, tas andun kayong dalawa sa labas. Cool! :)))
And and real ng emotions nyo sa vid. Kilig much! :))

Gusto ko din magpagawa ng ganyan in the future! Hihi Kaso baka mahal. Haha.

Anyway, best wishes to both of you! Super lapit na! I'm sure super excited na kayo! Kasi ako, naexcite ako agad dahil sa vid. Hehe.

Sooo sweet! You look super pretty Rovie! :)
So excited for you and best wishes! <3
Rhea Bue said…
OMG! Super lapit na babe!!!! congrats in advance!!! :D
Awww!!! Super sweet naman ng video! :) Congrats in advance!

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