The Bridezilla

Aside from the wedding day, one of the most exciting thing about getting married is having the chance to have your friends organize you, the bride-to-be a bachelorette party. We see it in movies, and admit it or not, sometime imagine how ours (when the perfect time comes) would go.
I never expected mine would be super fun (and wholesome!!). I must say I have the bestest friends in the world for putting on their time, effort and money to give me, and another November bride, Beverly Jiongco a wonderful bridal shower. Held at A. Venue suites last Friday, we spent a night filled of alcohol and revelations (we had a how well do you know your partner and have you ever quiz session and a shot of tequila awaits the person who gave the wrong answer!) Proud to day that I won the first quiz part but suck on the latter so both of us brides ended up super drunk that night.
The November brides: Me and Bev Jiongco
Sorry, this is just me dancing cause I was winnung the "How well do you know your partner quiz" part while Bev was losing. However I lost the "Have you ever" segment so I ended up having more tequila shots (if you don't drink you have to remove an outfit!).
I will forever be grateful to have the awesomest friends. We have been friends for more than a decade now and we are looking forward for more more years together. Thank you sisters for the wonderful night.
The naughtiest part of our bridal shower -- the kinky cake and the obligatory photo. Sorry SUPER RATED SPG. I kept on telling the fiance that my bridal shower only has a kinky cake so make sure his is as wholesome as mine. Haha!

Hope you guys enjoyed my semi x-rated blog post!
Omg. This is it. I am really getting married :P

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Eyah said…
hihih! ang kulet ng cake.. Goodluck and best wishes to you! :)
Mei said…
Wow, mukhang mas masaya kung dalawa kayong bride :) Nakakatuwa yung Have you ever game! Ayoko laruin yan kasi narereveal ang mga di dapat mareveal. Hehe.

Ang kulet ng cake! Haha may nakita na din akong ganyang cake sa ibang blog posts dati. Ang naughty lang. I wonder kung ano cake ng mga boys. Wala pa ako nakikita. Mas secretive ba sila hehe

Congratulations in advance sis! Sa dami ng nabasa kong wedding preparation posts mo, nasusubaybayan ko na haha I can't wait for the wedding day na! :)))

ging valdez said…
hahaha tawang tawa ako sa CAKE,ang laki laki!pak na pak...lupaypay ang bride to be,kung ako siguro nun magtatanggal nalang ako ng damit pa isa isa kesa malasing.ahaha!Ang kulet lang.Congrats Ms. Rovie and best wishes.
Jade said…
Waaa.. never pa ako na ka attend ng bridal shower... Congrats bhe.. and Best wishes!!
MsEarth Rullan said…
haha naloka ako sa cake!
MissApriil said…
Congrats babe!!! Looking forward to seeing your wedding photos :)
Thess Enriquez said…
Napa OMG ako sa cake! hahaha! Best wishes and congrats to your wedding
Franc Ramon said…
It's a few weeks away, good luck on married life. I'm sure you're gonna be an excellent wife.
Rhea Bue said…
awww.. looked like a fun party babe! Sorry I missed it T_________T

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