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Jeans: SM GTW (Dollhouse) || Top: Random

Too dDon aring for a comeback? I'm sure most of you guys are probably getting sick of my wedding and boracay posts (for those who still haven't seen our SDE, you could check on my previous post) so let me give you a breather by sharing you these set of lovely photos taken by Don Micheal of Happy Fingers. Before my 3 week hiatus, I've shared to you that I had a sexy, laidback (very rouge-ish) photoshoot with Don and here is one of the four layouts we've done. Don insisted that we showcase my asset - my abs and well toned biceps hence the basic outfit.

This reminded me a lot of Bench denim campaigns and I hope i was able to at least imitate the peg. To Don, who never gets tired of saying to me that I should be comfortable and confident with mybassets, thanks so much for the trust. And of course to my husband (who was still my fiance during the  shoot, Thanks for the support haha)

Anyways cutting this short guys. On the coming days shall update you with more wedding and boracay stuff. :)
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by Don Micheal De Leon of Happy Fingers


Love these photos, Rovie! You're an inspiration to every woman wanting to be fitter, leaner and toner. :) I myself is ashamed to admit that I've been slacking off for months now. Constantly doing food blogging isn't helping too. Haha!

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