I'm Walking on Sunshine

So after a week of our recently concluded post wedding Boracay trip, I'm going to bombard you with tons of beach-related outfit posts and photodiaries the coming days. Now that wedding and honeymoon stage is over, time to go back to work (and blogging). So let me share with you my one of the outfits I wore as I stroll around the beautiful shores of Boracay with my husband and our family.

Gosh did I say husband?

Bikini top: Sassa  || Bikini Bottom: Sunkissed (SM GTW)
Dress: Tomato || Sandals: Tiangge
Shades and Hat: From Boracay (D'Mall)

You guys know how much I worked hard to achieve a well toned body (for the wedding) and I'm really thankful it showed. However cause I lacked discipline on diet, I was not able to achieve a well-toned abs (just like my fitspiration, Lissa Kahayon). However, now that wedding is over, I will still try my best to work out and maintain (or improve) my figure. I sort of lost some of my cuts after stress eating a week before the wedding and holiday eating after the wedding.
As I;ve said earlier, the newly weds spent our Boracay trip with my mother and aunt-in law. More stories to come!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Franc Ramon said…
You look really toned and sexy Mrs. Peralta. The months of workout can be seen here.

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