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Dress: From Cousin || Sandals: Tiangge

This is probably the simplest outfit post I posted so far -- dress and a pair of sandals. And if you know me, I'm sure this look is highly unusual cause I'm always on loud colors and high heeled shoes. But there are some changes we need to do for our own health. In my case, I have to wear flats because I'm having a baby!

I'm sure you've already seen this post in my social media account that I posted on Christmas Day. Until now, Paolo and I cannot believe that we're already having a baby! Imagine, we just got married (last month), had our week long stay at Boracay and then my period got delayed and whoa! The tests and the ultrasound says its positive! :)

For those who don't know me personally, this pregnancy is actually a miracle for me. Three years ago, I had a major operation where an 18x10cm myoma (size of a 4-month old fetus) was removed from my uterus. I plead to my OB-GYNE that time that no matter what happens, they have to try their best to save my uterus. So they did. The surgery was extensive that some parts of my uterus was damaged and they had to perform a uteroplasty (reconstructive surgery of the uterus). For years, I felt insecure for I always thought that I'd have a hard time conceiving a child. Still I felt very lucky cause despite my imperfection, Paolo proposed and decided to spend the rest of his life with me. (Yes imagine a fairy tale love story).

So when Paolo and I got the news that I'm pregnant with our baby, both of us were very ecstatic. I was crying because I cannot believe it. During my surgery I doubted my faith, asked questions as to why me, got depressed and all. But I never thought that the Lord gave us that obstacle to prove our love for each other -- na kahit anong mangyari, walang iwanan. And when we did exchange our vows and commit ourselves in front of Him, He immediately blessed us with this beautiful angel.

Hope you can pray with us for the heath of my baby. I am currently advised to be on bed rest for I am having uterine cramps this early stage of pregnancy. But Pao and I are staying positive and praying that I'll have a healthy pregnancy for the next 7 months.

Hope you like this personal post! Merry Christmas everyone.
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Helen Blas said…
Awww congrats Rovie! I'm so happy for you and Paolo! :D The Lord is truly amazing. Sabi nga nya, if we want anything, we must ask from Him. Miss you girl! :) (By the way, blooming ka!)
michymichymoo said…
Congratulations Rovie! Hoping for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery for your baby. Looking forward to preggy fashion posts here too! :)
ladymyx said…
aw. congrats po :D <3 your baby will be as lovely as her mom :D
Kai Sensei said…
Oh wow! Congrats on this wonderful baby news! I will indeed pray that you will have a healthy pregnancy. :) Merry Christmas!
Rhea Bue said…
Super duper happy for you babe!!! finally!!! woot woot! Ninang ako! :D
Patricia Tan said…
ONG! I'm excited for you Rovie! Goodluck! Keri lang yan! :)
Franc Ramon said…
Congrats on the baby and I think this is really a good year for you with your marriage and eventually the baby.
rubbieanne said…
I love your dress ahhh!!!!! Wow congrats ate! :)
BelleJeunesse said…
CONGRATS! and to top it off, you look amazing in that dress! So elegant! :) x
Hazel said…
Aww congrats Rovie!!! You truly are blessed! :)

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